Make Your Mornings More Productive

Hopefully, last month’s Digital Cleansing Challenge helped you unplug and get good quality sleep at night. Now that you’re waking up refreshed and don’t have the digital distractions to consume your morning, it is time to work on a 30 Day Challenge of Making Mornings Productive. Here are a few small changes that can make a […]

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8 thoughts on “Make Your Mornings More Productive

    1. Hey Jacob! How are you? I’m so glad you checked in with me. It’s just what I needed. I did great with the yoga for a solid week and felt incredible, but then moved rooms and fell off. I have started running so that’s good, but I am not studying nearly enough.
      How is your summer so far and how are your goals?!
      Thanks again for checking in. I have been in a bit of s slump this week. You have helped me get back on track 🙂

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