Daily Prompt: NIGHTMARE

Nightmares happen at night in the middle of your sleep.  I believe that they mirror our fears…  You are supposed to be peaceful and at rest, but instead you are faced with demons and in some cases running for your life.  You wake up in tears, restless, and shaken up by the nightmare.

Once I get through the initial shock, I usually feel grateful that the nightmare in my dreams is not real.

Your nightmares are fears encapsulated and inserted into your dreams.  They are sometimes reminders of where you have been and why it is important to move forward.  Sometimes they serve as warning signs.

Believe it or not, a nightmare could be a blessing in disguise if you choose to see it that way.  You can either shrink down in fear or conquer your fears and grow stronger.

Don’t give your nightmares and fears too much power.  Heed the warning then let it go!  You have the power to make your dreams come true.

I know that I would much rather spend my life chasing my dreams than running from my nightmares.


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