Transform Your Life Project: #28

I had a good start on this post then I went downstairs to move our laundry to the dryer and my computer (Lenora the Lenova) restarted herself and all progress was lost.  That’s okay.  I started writing an ultra-personal post and now I think it is better for me to write something more lighthearted.

This past week was challenging and I was extra emotional.  I have been working through a handful of challenges in the past 3 weeks and I think that the other side of things is in sight.  I just have to get through it.

I am happy because I started running again.  I have completed a full week!  On Saturday I went for a long walk with my boyfriend and yesterday I rested.  This morning I did NOT feel like running, but I laced up anyways!  My legs were burning and I wanted to walk for most of it, but I challenged myself to run more than walk!

It has been a year since my bf got me this beautiful little girl.  Everyone say “meowllo” to Alley(cat)jandra:

She’s the BEST study budy:

She is VERY Stylish!

She LOVES to Play!

She lives a luxurious life of comfort & takes cat-naps to another level:

She knows how to party:

She loves to garden:

She’s my little kitty-girl and I love her with ALL my heart ❤


I don’t think anything else can make a post light-hearted quite like a fun kitty cat post!

I have made it through some challenges and yet, I feel somewhat behind from where I want to be.  I am just going to move forward from here and work what I got!!!

July Goals Revisited:

Love Thyself Then Spread the Love

  • Take time for self-care.
  • Learn to be Confident.
  • Nurture your relationships
  • Seek inspiration
  • De-clutter

How is your summer going?  Anything exciting happen?  Have you gone on any fun trips yet?  Comment below to share your summer plans!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo



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