Daily Prompt: APOLOGY

“I am Me Complete and Free I am Me with NO APOLOGIES!”



4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: APOLOGY

  1. Never apologize for being you. You ARE the one and only you in the whole entire universe. If you buy into that crap. Just kidding. But not about the apology thing, never apologize for being yourself. Unless you’re one of those people who goes to Starbucks and stares at the menu silently for 15 minutes while a line forms behind them.

    1. Haha thanks Jacob! I appreciate that. Just the inspiration I needed today! I used to stare at the Starbucks menu for far too long (it was called in denial of needing to wear my glasses:). Luckily it wasn’t for 15 minutes!

      1. Hee 🙂 oh Alana, you do you. If you need a good laugh, I’m starting a new blog series for August, on things that are good for the heart and soul, today’s is laughter.

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