Workout and Word of the Day: #59


Aloha!!!  Most of my workouts have been comprised of adventuring/walking!  On Monday my boyfriend and I decided to explore the city on foot with an emphasis on cardio.  It was a beautiful sunny day and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  We even got to fit in a business meeting downtown with an inventor at our halfway point.  That day we put in  14.65 miles on foot!

Yesterday we took a late-night stroll which added up to 6.78 miles!  The alarming part was on our way home, we encountered a man with glasses and a bat.  At first he was walking towards us then when he saw us he decided to walk in the same direction ahead of us.  After awhile he turned around and walked towards us.  It sent chills down my spine to see that big bat and I was thankful that he didn’t bother us.  If you ever go on a late night stroll bring a friend and please be safe!  I highly recommend strolling in the sunshine during the day if you have the choice!

Today we only walked for 1 mile, but I was determined to do more so I turned to Blogilates!!!!!!  

Workout of the Day: Leg Day!!!

Do this workout 2x’s to hit both sides:

I really love Cassey’s message in this video and it is a killer calve workout that will make your calves BURN from Every angle:

This workout was all-out fun!  Try it out:

We are in the thick of summer!  Make those dreamy bikini thighs a reality with this workout!!!

Say Buh-buy saddlebags!!!

I have this goal to workout Every day in August!  I do have to say that there were several points where I would have slacked decided to skip today’s workout.  I just kept reminding myself of my goals.

Today I was really feeling down and overly-critical of my body.  I won’t harp on the negativity I was feeling, I will just keep going and working!


Word of the Day:

instantiate- transitive verb

  1. to represent (an abstraction) by a concrete instance.

This evening I got a serious case of the munchies.  I desperately wanted chocolate dipped pretzels, chips and salsa, or even a slice of turkey and pepper jack cheese.  Christopher reminded me that it is too late to eat junk food and then he mixed me a delicious “skinny” pina colada with tequila.  I don’t know what the proper name for that would be :).  Yep, we are living the dream!  ❤

Alright my dear darling friends, I better head to bed.  Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


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