Transform You Life Project: #31

Right now I feel overjoyed because I completed my first official website task.  I created the catalogue / inventory site for a furniture store’s website.  I really enjoyed it because it gave me practice in navigating through my computer.  I also really enjoyed feeling like I was building something.  At times the job was a little repetitive and tedious, but there was something comforting about the repetition.  I am at the point in my learning where the practice and experience is necessary for my growth.

Another major lightbulb-moment took place on Tuesday when I started my day with a zumba class then followed it with a swim outside.  I felt so alive, energized, and happy.  That afternoon I was able to focus better than ever.  I felt settled, able to sit still, and able to focus on the task at hand without distraction.  I learned that I function at my optimal ability when I workout and swim.

I also feel like I have been doing a lot better with making healthy meal choices.  We have started drinking green smoothies and cooking with ground turkey.  I am absolutely loving blueberry season and I wish it would never end!

Making healthier choices is not always easy and this week I felt myself being tested on a number of instances.  I craved the junk food, but I didn’t give in and I think it helped to strengthen my willpower.  That in itself is empowering!!!

I am slightly disappointed about the fact that I am back to feeling uncomfortable with working out in the gym.  I walk in and I get all nervous and self-conscious.  So I have decided that I will go to the gym for things that I cannot do at home like Zumba/Mixxedfit classes and swimming.  In the meantime, I will do workouts and home and try to build my confidence again.  This is definitely a work in progress!

This week Christopher went to the running store with me and bought me new running shoes!

An added bonus was the fact that this was last year’s model so this pair was $90!!!  I think that is the best price I have gotten on running shoes in a long time!

Yesterday evening my boyfriend took us to get massages and it was heavenly.  I decided that I needed to burn it to earn it so I went for a 6 mile run in my brand new shoes.  I decided to get a sports massage and am feeling it today, but I feel a lot less sore.

I can’t believe that we are swiftly approaching mid-august!  I feel like we literally just started this month last week!!!

Here are this months’ goals:


Remember Love

Quit nagging
Cultivate healthy relationships
No Dumping
Give proofs of love

This month is all about love and relationships.  This is perfect timing because my boyfriend has started working from home and we are sharing more of our space on a regular basis.  So far things seem to be going well.  We make a great team, but I also want to make sure that we maintain a healthy amount of space so that we can both grow as individuals then come together stronger than ever.

There is definitely a lot of give and take and compromise coupled with unconditional love and respect.  I am enjoying this immensely and feel thrilled to think about all the progress we have both made in this past year.

How is your summer so far?!?!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo

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