Transform Your Life Project: #32 & 33

I guess you could say that I took a mini 2-week hiatus from blogging…  Every now and then it is okay to disappear into your own world for a little while.  Now I feel ready to pick up right where I left off.

The last time we chatted I had just finished a website project.  I spent the last two weeks wrapping up a  school project once and for all.  A lot has happened in these past two weeks!  We have been working hard, going for long walks, and planning a trip on the horizon.

That first week my man treated both of us to 2 massages in one week.  He sure spoils me!  I usually like as much pressure as the massage therapist can muster up.  Both massages were great in different ways.  The first one was on a Wednesday evening.  I wanted to make sure that I earned that massage so I went for a 6 mile run right before.  The pressure was perfect and the therapist was  an ultra-endurance athlete who was preparing for a 32 hour race.  I definitely admire that level of training, athleticism, and the dedication it takes to get there.

New Shoes Alert:

Two days later (on friday) Christopher asked me if I wanted to get another massage…  Who would say no to that?!  This 2nd massage was just as good, but painful.  It felt like a corrective massage, but I felt great afterwards.

That weekend one of our tenants got a brand new 6 week old puppy then the next day she got married.  It was definitely a busy weekend for her and it was nice to be around for this snapshot in her life.

This is Frankie!

At first I was skeptical about the idea of having another critter running around the house, but I felt a lot better once we clearly stated that we did not want a pitbull.  Now I am so glad that they got this little sweetheart.  She was 6 weeks old and has such a sweet yet playful and chill demeanor.

Everyone seems to be getting along decently.  At first Ruby was afraid of Frankie and would run away from her even though she is twice her size, but now they are the best of friends!

Out of All the pics, this one is my favorite:

BFFS for life!!!

My workouts have mainly consisted of long walks with Christopher and they have been wonderful.  They are an excellent workout and it gives us an opportunity to get fresh air and catch up on heart-to-hearts.  I just love the fact that we do not have that crazy commute up north anymore!  I have also been going to as many Zumba and Mixxedfit classes as I can.  Also, I have been swimming in the outdoor lap pool.  I just don’t get to swim as much as I would like, but I am making the most out of the times that I can.  I think it is about time to buy a new pair of goggles!

This week I drove to Portland to visit my Grandma Alice who turned 92 this week!

Grandma Alice and I have matching Pineapple earrings!

We had lots of time to visit and play Sakura!

Yes, it has been a good two weeks!  Another major part of my life has been preparing for the possibility of travelling.  I have a little over 2 years left to get my degree.  Maybe a little longer, but we have the opportunity to travel in the very near future.  This has been a lifelong dream for both of us!

I think that I am going to transfer to an online school so that I can continue to study AND travel.  This decision feels like a smart move, but it is also bittersweet because I wanted to complete my degree at Evergreen.  That’s okay though because I would rather travel the world so let’s do whatever it takes to make that happen!

August Goals:


Remember Love

  • Quit nagging
  • Listen
  • Cultivate healthy relationships
  • No Dumping
  • Give proofs of love

And just like that, the month of August is practically over!  I think that I have done a good job with these goals.  My man and I have grown so much as individuals and a lot more in our relationship.  We have a great thing together and I am looking forward to our Grand Adventures!  I love the fact that I am with my BEST friend and the best part is that we are more than friends!

I have a birthday this coming Friday and something super exciting is happening on September 12th!  Let the festivities begin!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings always,

Alana Xoxoxo

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