27 For One More Day!

And now you all know how old I am…  I used to try to hide it, but now I am finally learning how to embrace the age that I am with pride.  I still have my crazy little insecurities every now and then and I still have times when I feel like I should be further along than I am (for my age).  But the truth is, I would not trade my past for where I am today…  That sounds somewhat confusing…  I guess what I am trying to say is that if I had the opportunity to travel back in time 10 years (making me 17 years old) I wouldn’t do it!

Most of my trials and tribulations started out at 17 and every now and then I think of how I would do things differently if I could go back in time…  I was a “goodie goodie girl” who never broke rules and always did what she was supposed to do and that kept me out of trouble for most of my life.  When I went out on my own at 17, people recognized my innocence and   some people took advantage of that.  It is an unfortunate fact that people take advantage of the nice people of the world.  I am not trying to sound like a victim or feel sorry for myself.  Life’s not fair and $hit happens to the best of us; it is up to us to learn from our experiences and keep moving forward.  That is all we can do…

I do wish that I would have gotten my degree sooner and I wish that I didn’t spend my last teen year and early twenties in that dreadfully abusive relationship.  Now and then I still mourn those years that I lost, but I try not to trouble myself with that anymore.  The main thing is that I survived and I was able to keep the joy of my spirit buried deep inside of my disillusioned self.  I fought hard to keep my soul intact and through that situation I learned that I am stronger than I ever believed that I was.

The lovely thing about life is that it is full of lessons…  And it will keep embedding those lessons into our lives until we learn the lesson.  I have had successes and failures.  Good relationships and toxic-ally bad ones.  Love and abuse.  I have had to run for my life… Victories and losses.  And times when I felt like the ground had been pulled from beneath me.  These are all pieces of me that has created the colorful mosaic of who I am.

I will not bore you with all the delicious details…

The past 10 years have been a struggle and this past year has not been an exception, but through my struggles I have grown stronger and I am starting to like who I am becoming.

Let’s take a look at this past year!

Last August:

I was healing from a heartbreak I had in July.  Christopher got me this beautiful kitten to cheer me up and we have been inseparable ever since!  I was studying Discrete Math and my friend Lisa Bluhm opened up a “Mixxedfit Studio” at our local mall!  It was a great month!

September 2015:

I got glasses, jam, and a brand new job!  Christopher and I had his parents over for some delicious “Tom Kha” soup which was our household staple.  It was definitely Jelly season down at the marina and I got to proudly watch my sister row at a local regatta.  I also started my new job at the highschool as a full-time lifeguard/paraeducator.  And I was going to school full-time too :).  And I finally applied for my passport!

October 2015:

In October we found out what happens to gummy bears when you leave them in a bottle of water overnight.  Don’t ask me why that happen but the outcome was dazzling and educational :).  My dad turned 60!  I was settling into my new job and at the end of October our passports arrived and we immediately took a roadtrip to Canada!!!  

November 2015:

Christopher started his new job which was exciting.  I drank more tea and coffee than ever.  The cats got to enjoy warm nights by the fire and I was reunited with my dear friend, Paige.  The holidays were warming up and I got to go to 2 Thanksgiving dinners!

December 2015:

This was our 1st Christmas in our new home and we made the most of the holiday spirit!  I got to host a Christmas cookie making/decorating party and it was a hit!  My sister and her boyfriend moved in.  Christopher got us a Christmas tree and we had a blast decorating it!  It was definitely a Christmas to remember!!!

January 2016:

The holidays piled onto my waistline and I decided to invest in a gym membership at the Y!  I made my own sugar scrub and got to visit with family from the Philippines.  My poor dad was in the hospital for a week starting on New Years Eve.  We found out that he only has 20% left in his kidneys.  He started making big lifestyle changes and thankfully is not on dialysis.  It was a stressful start to the new year.  On the up side, I started my Transform Your Life Project and Workout and Word of the Day.

February 2016:

Christopher bought us a greenhouse for Valentine’s Day!  And I got to try my hand at gardening.  One Wednesday night a pug followed me home and made himself at home in our house.  Thankfully I was able to connect with his owner and the next day Christopher surprised me with a puppy!  Her name is Ruby and we all love her!

March 2016:

Puppy. Lots of tea.  Breakfast of a Bad Girl.  Pi Day.  Garden.  Middle Room!

April 2016:

This month I worked full-time and took evening classes…  And it kicked my butt.  3 hours of Statistics at the end of the day is not for the faint of heart.  I also joined the college choir and took a musicianship class.  It was fun to get back into singing, music, and performing.  I was thrilled that our practice rooms have Grand pianos.  Our garden started to show promise and I got to go on long walks with my sister.  She even did my makeup a couple of times.  And finally I got to spend some quality time with Paige.  We met for coffee and a walk and then we found our sunglasses and flip-flops for the summer!!!

May 2016:

We got to reap the fruits of our labor with our beautiful kale garden!  There were beautiful sunsets and our yellow roses began to blossom.  At the end of the month I had a choir concert and my parents and Christopher came to watch me.  Also, my sister moved out and we found our new roommate: board game fanatic!

June 2016:

June was a Big, GIANT month!  Probably the biggest month I have had all year.  I had choir performances.  Finals for my spring quarter classes.  My cousin Emily got married and Ruby got to attend her very 1st wedding.  I resigned from my job.  We moved downstairs into the office space and got two tenants for the month.  Our garden continued to flourish.  And we went on multiple chocolate frenzies with wine…

July 2016:

July was my favorite month!  My relationship was intact.  We got to move back into our master suite.  I got to cat sit my friend Tara’s cat, Goat who is 14 years old.  We took Oscar to the vet and found out that he is perfectly healthy just pleasantly plump.  I visited the library and read more than I have read in years (for pleasure).  I started running and working on getting healthy.  Got brand new tires.  Discovered my favorite Tequila cocktail.  Got to commute with Christopher his last few weeks.  Went bra shopping and got to visit the Korean Women’s spa at least 3 times.  I also blogged more than I ever have.

August 2016:

This has been a good month so far and I just can’t believe that it is almost done!  Christopher bought me blueberries to my hearts’ content.  Alley(cat)Jandra was as adorable as ever.  Our newest tenants got married & they got a new puppy in the same week.  Did I mention that Alleyjandra likes to take bubble baths?!?!  She sat in the tub with me twice and was purring the entire time (yeah, maybe I am a ccrazy cat lady).  Christopher bought me new running shoes and that same week he bought us both 2 massages two days apart in one week.  We also started going on long walks.  And now here we are…  My birthday!  I think the BEST thing that has happened this month is my boyfriend bought us tickets to a surprise location for our birthdays!

This post has taken me hours to complete, but I have stopped and taken breaks here and there.  Thanks for stopping by and reflecting on the past year with me!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo

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