Transform Your Life Project: #34

This past week was  butterball full of emotions.  As time went by, things heated up and the butter gradually melted and by the end we were saturated.  I love the fact that the emotions were not caused by stress or strain around my relationship.  In the past, my relationships caused me a lot of stress.  It is so nice to finally be in a relationship where I do not feel alone.

I had a project for school that I needed to complete to get all of my credits and this week my credits finally cleared!  I also got to meet with my friend Paige one more time before she moved.  I am going to miss her, but I am glad that technology will still allow us to stay in touch.

I got to spend most of my birthday with my Mom.  She invited me to breakfast or brunch.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we met for a walk around the lake then enjoyed a delicious sushi lunch.  I felt a little grumpy and restless the entire day because it was the first day that I stayed up until 5 am.  I am trying to rewire my sleep schedule and it has been a tiring process.  After lunch my mom and I went to the mall and she bought me new shoes and panties for my birthday.

“You know that you are getting old when you start asking for shoes and underwear for your birthday 🙂 “

On Friday night we completed another website and then spent Saturday afternoon meeting with the client and making revisions.  That evening our tenants broke the sad news to us that after taking their puppy to the vet; they found out that she has parvo.  They could not afford the treatment so the vet agreed to treat their puppy if they gave her to him.  My heart sunk.  I know how heartbreaking it is to have to give up a pet and they took such great care of her.  We all guessed that she must have been born with parvo and the previous owners didn’t get her shots like they said they did.

Thank goodness Ruby got her immunizations!  We were still very worried that she had the virus since she was around the puppy.  That night we brought her to the vet and got the test…  The results were negative.  I was still very heartbroken about the whole situation.

The next day Ruby started throwing up white foam and I burst into tears.  Christopher emailed every dog breeder in the area and one lady finally answered us.  She agreed to give us drops at the price that she purchased them at.  It ended up being a huge favor for us.

We have been taking care of Ruby and monitoring her closely.  I think she is going to be okay.  Just promise me that if you ever get a pet that you will make sure they get all of their shots.  It could save their life.

It has been a good week because I have been spending a fair amount of time with my family.  I was so stressed about the whole travel situation and after I broke the news to them it felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  I love my family and I do not want to feel like I am abandoning them.  This time around, Christopher and I decided that we would do everything right…  Not that we ever did it wrong before :).

I am thrilled that my parents are supportive of us and our travels!  I have little worries here and there, but I think we have everything covered.  We have a property manager, care for our cats, and we have gotten rid of so much excess clutter.  I just know that I am going to miss my cats and our puppy.  They are like our family.  I am hoping that if things work out well then we can get them shipped to us.

I am also going to miss my family.  I was worried that I was going to travel without being able to see my sister.  Also, I am slightly bummed that I am not going to be studying at Evergreen.  It was such a huge success for me to get admitted, get scholarships, and get started and I had my heart set on graduating from there, but this is an opportunity of a lifetime!  We get to pursue our dreams and travel.  I can compromise and actually I get to do both because I am getting enrolled in online courses.  No matter what, I am going to get my degree!!!

Two days ago I received a text from my sister!  She asked if I wanted to meet and said that hopefully I haven’t left yet.  I was so happy.  I imagined us meeting for coffee or lunch then going for a walk and talking like old times.  I wanted to tell her that I loved her and to tell her I would always be there for her if she ever needed anything.

She asked me to not bring Christopher.  I agreed and asked her if it would just be her and I and she said no.  I was a little bummed because I wanted to spend time with her, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want her to cancel on me.

That evening I went in with the desire to see my sister before I left and to tell her I loved her.  At least I got to accomplish 50% of that, but sadly it did not go over as well as I had hoped.

I am definitely going to miss my sister…

What else is new?  We are interviewing prospective tenants because we are planning on renting out our master suite while we are away.  I have honestly been procrastinating a little.  Part of me is super excited and part of me is a little sad.  I have been happy and content with my life here.  We have worked so hard to get to where we are today and I know I will miss it.  We have to keep moving forward so that we can keep on learning and growing.

And once we reach our goals it will be time to set new and exciting goals!

Also, the 29th was my 6 year anniversary of getting out of my abusive relationship and coming home.  I love the fact that my old reality has become nothing more than a distant, faded memory.  Now I am on to better things!  Like making dreams come true!!!

My workout habit has slipped a little and my nutrition has not been the best, but don’t worry, I will pick it up once again!

Here are my September bullet points!


Pursue a Passion

  • Create a Bucket list (my year truly begins in the fall)
  • Write a Novel
  • Make time
  • Forget about the results
  • Master a new technology

No matter who you are I bet that you are preparing for something.  Are you going back to school?  Do you have kids that are going to school?  Are you a teacher or a janitor preparing for the new school year?  Maybe you’re not involved with a school.  Do you have any fun plans for the end of your summer?  No matter who you are, I hope that the rest of your summer will be wonderful!

Comment below to share!  I would love to hear all about your plans!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


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