Bye Bye August


The month of July was all about self-care and probably my best month of running and working out consistently.  Actually I ran more than anything else and didn’t do much weight training.

On August 1st, my man decided to stop commuting 3 hours to work.  It was affecting his health and well-being. He officially quit and the owner of the company called him and said they would do anything to keep him working for them.  So now he gets to work from home.  He has been working so hard and definitely deserves it.

It has given us a chance to go for long walks and create bigger dreams.

The view on one of our walks!

I got to enjoy some good zumba and Mixxedfit classes!  There was also a week where we got two massages in one week.

I have been thoroughly enjoying Blueberry season and wish that it would never end.

These blueberries have ruined supermarket berries for me…

If I had to sum up the entire month of August with one word it would definitely be:


We enjoyed frothy blended coffees with the whipped cream on top.  We branched out from our usual bean burrito meals and tried new things mostly from restaurants and our favorite snack was kettle corn.  


Now to the more exciting highlights of August!

Our tenants got married!  They were high school sweethearts who moved from california.  The husband is in the military and his wife just turned 18 and is going to school in Evergreen this fall.  I am so happy that I got to be a part of this snapshot of their life.  They got a new puppy the night before their wedding ceremony.

Frankie & Ruby

Ruby and Frankie were fast friends.  Sadly, 2 weeks later Frankie got ill and they found a vet who was willing to take her in and treat her.  I think they handled the whole situation very maturely.

We had our own scare when Ruby started to feel sick.  We took her to the vet and found out that she would be okay.  Thank Goodness!  We also got in touch with a breeder who recommended some all natural drops and I think she will be okay.  I was touched by the way that Christopher went above and beyond to make sure that she would be okay.  

The above picture is evidence of our indulgent days.  It has been extremely delicious and delightful, but I can tell that it is about time to get active again!  

Another exciting thing that happened in August was that Alleyjandra decided to join me in a bubble bath one day and she absolutely loved it!  She kept purring and floating with me and did not try to scratch me once.  It was absolutely adorable!  I absolutely LOVE this kitty-girl ❤

She loves to take warm baths.


We have made our travel plans and by the end of September we will be in a brand new place.  I am super excited and it honestly feels unreal.  Our home is in good hands and we are ready to make those big plans.

I have been procrastinating and need to get moving with everything.

I travelled south to visit my Grandma Alice for her 92nd birthday and had a wonderful time.  I had planned on taking her out to brunch, but instead, she had coffee and an orange roll breakfast waiting for me when I arrived.  We visited, played sakura, and had a wonderful time.

I spoiled myself on my birthday week!  I got my nails done and I decided to dye my hair.  I asked Yvonne to give me a color that would be easy to maintain and would still look good even once it grew out.


I had a very nice birthday and spent most of the day with my momma.  We went for a walk around the lake where I ran into an old friend who just had her baby.  After that we went shopping downtown and then went out for a delicious sushi lunch.  She got me shoes and panties for my birthday!  

Later that night, Christopher and I went to RAM for calamari and blended margaritas!  And we decorated our ceiling with glow stars!

I finished my school project and got all of my credits which is also great news.

Overall, August was a good month.  I cannot wait to see what the future will bring! For me, September marks the beginning of a new year even more that New Years Day!  I am ready to embrace these new changes and run with them!

How was your August?  What are your goals for September?  Comment below to share!  I would love to hear all about it!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


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