Summer Goals: Wrap-Up

Summer of 2016 has come and gone.  I would have to say that it was the BEST summer ever.  I got to focus on school and studying.  Not having to work freed up a lot of space in my brain and I was able to stress a lot less, understand concepts, and comprehend everything that  I was learning.  

I am glad  that I set some summer goals for myself.  I did not follow every goal to the tee, but I did take steps towards reaching my goals.  For example, I did not read 1 book per week like I had hoped to, but I read more than I have in a long time.

My most studious month was June.  I read the most and I worked hard to wrap up all my studies.  July was all about self-care.  It was my most active month and I established a good running habit that helped increase my fitness and energy.

I stopped running in August and started going on long walks with my man.  I got to start working on websites and contributing to the business.  Another exciting thing that happened in August was that we solidified our travel plans and everything fell into place!  It was not without effort and initiative, but all our efforts paid off.

Below is my list of summer goals:

This summer I want to do those things that I have always been “too busy working” to do:

  1. Learn a new language. I spent the summer studying an online Java Programming text book called ijava.  If you ever have any desire to learn Java, it is an excellent resource!
  2. Read 1 book per week.  I ended up reading probably a book per month.  So not as much reading as I had planned on, but more reading than before.
  3. Write book reviews on my blog.  I wrote my first book review on the book “Tiny Beautiful Things” by Cheryl Strayed.
  4. Learn how to cook on a budget.  We made great progress on cooking on a budget!
  5. Eat clean.  This was not an everyday all the time habit, but we had great moments of eating cleanly.
  6. Workout regularly.  I did this for a solid month, but I would like to do it more consistently.
  7. Sing.  Not really.
  8. Get Organized. I am getting better at organizing my life.  This move really ignited my motivation!
  9. Study daily.  I want to do better with this.
  10. Create a vision board.  Not yet.  Maybe I will start with a virtual vision board.
  11. Do Yoga.  Again, I did great with this for about a month then fell off…
  12. Run more.
  13.  Travel out of state at least once (extra points for travelling out of the country).  Hooray!  We made it happen.
  14. Do MORE. Overthink less. More than ever before!

Based on that list I completed 7 out of 14 of my summer goals!  That’s 50% and I believe that it is better than last year.  I just remember that last summer I set a bunch of goals, but didn’t accomplish that many of them.

On your journey, remember that you are a work in progress and do not forget to celebrate the progress that you make along the way!

How was your summer?  Did you set goals and accomplish them?  Comment below to share your goals and adventures with me.  I would love to hear about them!

Love, Joy, and Blessings always,

Alana Xoxoxo


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