Daily Prompt: Stylish

There is nothing more stylish than being Totally, Completely, and Apologetically YOU! You have a radiant sparkle that is your very own.  And you will carry it from birth until you are grown. Not everyone will like you and that is okay.  Live your LIFE OUT LOUD no matter what they say! Be REAL.  Be […]

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Happiness Is…

Travel + Adventure + New Sights + New Sounds + A Warm Bed Away from the Pouring Down Rain + A Good Cup of Tea + Creativity + Technology + Salty Golden French Fries + Silent Sex + Getting Lost + Finding Our Way + New Friends + City Lights + Driving Over Bridges at […]

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That homesick feeling has set in.  I miss our cats Oscar and Alleyjandra and our puppy Ruby more than anything else. The distance and the change of pace has set in.  The scenery is different and absolutely stunning.  It rains the same way it did at home with a few more drops.  Sometimes it feels […]

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Daily Prompt: Silence

There comes a point when the words get in the way.  You have sought advice and you have discussed, read and heard everything you could possibly could.  You have replayed a variety of scenarios in your head over and over until everything has become a blurr. At that point true wisdom and truth can be […]

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