SURPRISE! I’m In New Zealand!!!

Less than two months ago my man and I set a date.  We were going to move to New Zealand on June 17th 2017.  All the natural beauty, rich culture, and benefits of becoming citizens greatly appealed to us.  In addition to the sub tropical weather, laid back way of life, lack of nukes, and the change of pace.


Guess what?!?!  For my birthday this summer he bought us tickets to New Zealand!  It was kind of a joint birthday gift since his birthday is exactly a month later than mine.

No Grand adventure comes without its obstacles and dilemmas, but we were able to solve every one as it came!

Work was not a problem because our jobs allow us to work from any place in the world.  Hooray for technology/being a computer nerd!

For awhile we considered either renting out the entire house or selling it so that we could completely start over here, but we ended up continuing to rent out the rooms to individuals that we know and trust and in return they helped us look after things.  Most importantly one of our roommates took care of our most important (I don’t want to say possessions), our pets (aka our family).

My former roommate and friend has helped us out tremendously by doing weekly inspections at the house and  checking and sending us our mail and checks.

As far as our pets, our Moms helped us watch Ruby and our roommate is watching Oscar and Alleyjandra.  The most challenging part of this entire trip (if there were any challenges at all) has been being away from our pet family.  We both miss them tremendously.  The plan is to get them shipped to us when we get settled into a more permanent home.

I feel so blessed that everything fell into place and allowed us to go on this Grand Adventure!

We have kept our destination as a surprise.  Kind of like the whole “Where in the WORLD is Carmen SanDiego?”  Type dealio.  Yesterday we sent our families pictures and decided to reveal the location of paradise.


It was a 17 hour journey from our homeland to New Zealand with one short stop in Cali.  Our trip to Cali was fun because we got to sit together, but we were put in different rows for the flight that really mattered and it felt like the longest flight in my life!  Every time we hit turbulence I felt sparks of excitement!

Our 1st signs of landing!
Still Above the clouds!

I believe it was about 7:30 in the morning by the time we finally arrived in the Auckland Airport!  We were so thrilled that we finally made it!!!


The airport was empty and there were NO lines!  A traveler’s DREAM!!!

On this trip I learned that you can never pack lightly enough.  I thought I did pretty well with packing everything into one backpack and having my laptop and purse, but it was still too heavy.  Additionally, on the flight to New Zealand they only allowed me to have 2 bags.  Thank goodness my man was able to stuff my purse into his pack.  What would I do without him?!?!!

Once we arrived we thankfully had a place set up through “Flatmates NZ” a homeshare kind of like what we do back in the states.  This place felt like a whole new world.  I was glad that they speak English here, but it is more like a British English.

Also, the steering wheel in cars is on the right side and you drive on the left side of the road!  Talk about a Change of Pace!!!

One nice perk about being from the United States is that our dollar is worth more than New Zealand Currency, but it did not keep us from spending $100 on a cab ride from the airport.  Luckily, they also have Uber in New Zealand!

I love how colorful the currency in NZ is.

It would have been too far to walk, but we finally made it after a nice drive from Auckland City!


Here is our temporary home away from home:

This has been a once-in-a lifetime kind of adventure and I can’t wait to see what will happen next!

Thanks for stopping by!  

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo

P.S. To Be Continued…

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