The Truth is…

I wrote this post exactly a year ago and it was touching because I can look back and see the progress that I have made in a year’s time. I still seek validation every now and then, and have my crazy little insecurities, but they have lessened.
I have been working hard and am actively taking steps to better myself. I have learned that the best remedy for insecurity is to TAKE ACTION!!!!

Living Out Loud

f2f58b61d235d066eefa9240d9800a5dThe truth is that I struggle with this far more than I would like to admit.  It is my goal to be a vibrant, strong, and independent woman.  I also want to be beautiful.  I hate to admit that I seek approval and validation far more than I should.  I am not even sure why I do it.

This evening my boyfriend and I had a heart to heart.  We talked about how I need to be able to push myself and that I cannot always depend on him to push me because he has to be able to push himself too.  I know that it is true, but for some reason it made me feel sad.  I decided to look within for the answers and I found out that I felt sad because I am scared.  I am afraid of being alone and being unsuccessful at pushing myself.  I…

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