Re-blogging through the New School Year

Hello Everyone!

School has been keeping me completely busy.  I have been staying up until 2 am every morning studying and even then, I still feel behind…

I am upset and unreasonably grumpy because nothing makes sense… Yet.  And it is only the 2nd week of class.  From here it will inevitably become more involved.  It feels like an eternal game of catch-up and the work keeps piling up.  But ironically, I am investing the big bucks in my education so that I can be challenged, pushed, and ultimately learn.  Right now I am spending more time worrying than learning and in class my mind goes blank…

What to do?!?!  I just need to review and fill my mind with knowledge so that it won’t go blank when I dig into my think tank.

I am definitely in a better place than I was last fall.  I think that I need to spend more time counting my blessings because lately I have been quite the complainer.  I have been seeing the dirt on the ground rather than the flowers in the garden and that is a good way to miss out on the beautiful things in life.

Honestly, I would love to spend my time just blogging and daydreaming…If I work hard today and through the nights maybe I can make my daydreams into realities.  Until then I will just think of it as “delayed gratification.”

Have I been working my ass off and applying myself as much as possible?  My answer is a resounding, NO!  I have been wasting my time and energy complaining and stressing out.  I need to change that right here and now.

You will probably see me re-blogging posts from the past.  A, because they will save me time.  And B (and most importantly) my posts from the past are shining reminders of the progress I have made since then.

I want to thank all of my friends and readers from the bottom of my heart for being so positive, supportive, and encouraging!  It truly means the world to me!!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


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