Fall Shopping Cart

I wish I could call this a “Fall Shopping Haul” because it sounds so poetic, but I am not brave enough to post a video, YET.  Maybe someday I will, but maybe not.

One.  I got a brand new laptop!

Did I ever mention the fact that I bought a new laptop?!?!  I knew that since we were going to travel and I was planning on continuing school; I would need a computer system that would be much more mobile than my desk top.  I absolutely loved my All-In-One Lenovo touch-screen desk top, but I was willing to give her up (Her name is Lenora, btw) so that I could live a life of adventure.  Thankfully my momma decided to buy her and that provided me with enough money to buy my laptop!  Still a Lenovo ❤

Two.  I’m sick of paying $60 for a wax.

I wish I was one of those ladies who had less hair down there.  I have been getting Brazilian Waxes for a couple years now and I always thought it was worth the money to have someone else just do it.  While it does save time and the hassle,  $60 bucks a pop sure adds up!!!  I remember thinking that my man was completely out of his mind when he first suggested that I learn how to do it myself and save my money.  Overtime, I have learned that he is trustworthy and makes very valid points and suggestions so I got brave and decided to give it a try!

I am glad that I did!  It was one of those learn as you go experiences.  I got a good microwave wax and I learned very quickly how time sensitive this work is because the wax rapidly begins to thicken.  At the same time, once it is applied, you should let it dry because if you rip it off too quickly the hairs don’t get the opportunity to latch on to the wax..  Okay, too graphic?  Sorry…

There were definitely a handful of painful moments, but the end result was satisfying and I can tell that it is once of those tasks that you will quickly learn to get better at.  So if you are board on a rainy day, grab yourself a wax kit!

Three.  I need to stop giving away my hangers!!!


Through the years I have bought many hangers and have given away nearly as much.  But when I have clothes to hang it often feels like there’s never enough.  So this time around, when I could not find any of the classic pink plastic hangers I opted to go fancy schmancy and I am so glad that I did!  These velvet hangers were the BEST decision ever!  They come in beautiful colors, are not that much more expensive than regular hangers, and my clothes never slip off of them.  Fancy hangers are worth the investment.  I also know that I will be less likely to give these babies away!

Four.  Gotta get into the fall spirit with some pumpkin spice!


That pumpkin spice hand soap smells exactly like pumpkin pie and it is glorious!  Also, my hair has been super unruly lately, but now that it is finally long, I am willing to put up with it, but not without a wide toothed comb!  And finally I was thrilled to find this Pacifica coconut-based eyeshadow set.  The colors are soft, shimmery, and blend so well!

Five.  No kitchen is complete without a cutting board that says, “BAM.”


I think this one pretty much speaks for itself.  Our former tenants took off with our cutting boards (on accident of course) so we decided to invest in a nice one.  Especially now that we are eating lots of veggies.

Six.  Sassy Pants!


I am taking an Afro-Brazilian dance class on the weekends and decided to get some sassy pants!

What have you been up to lately?  Have you done any shopping?  Feel free to add a link to your site below in the comments!  I would love to pay you a visit!  Until next time…

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo



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