Daily Prompt: Argument

My ongoing argument with myself is:  “Why won’t you allow yourself to succeed?”

Through the years, I have allowed the weaker side of myself to win nearly every argument.

She operates out of fear.  She stresses and sweats about the small stuff.  She procrastinates when she should get to work.  She worries when she should be studying.  She reads into things more than she should.  She internalizes the negative messages that are tossed her way.  She listens to the devil advocate’s side of every argument. And she ultimately sabotages herself.

Why do I allow the weaker side of myself to win these arguments?  I think it is because I have gotten used to losing and settling, taking what I can get rather than choosing to get the skills that I want.

Maybe I am afraid that even  if I apply myself and try my hardest; it still will not be enough to succeed.  So it is easier to just accept the loss.  Stay distant and not get too involved or interested.

But what good has that done?….  Absolutely NONE.

It is time to make some changes and to start winning.

via Daily Prompt: Argument


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