Rainy-Day Essentials

I L ❤ V E rainy days.  They wash away the cares, accumulation, and worries of the past.  I always feel rejuvenated and refreshed when I take a quick dash through the rain.

And everybody loves Sweater and umbrella weather!

Here are our Rainy Day Essentials:

We have the wind-up flash light and the good old maglight (with fresh batteries), Fruity body wash is a MUST, And keep your pearly whites clean and bright with your choice of toothpaste.  It is clementine season and no storm is complete without canned albacore and fancy bottled water…  Oh yeah, and don’t forget to shave that ‘stache of yours 🙂
A storm’s a brewin’
The wind is picking up!
Tomato patch is in full-bloom!
No worries!  Thankfully we already harvested our garden.

It is cold, wet, and floody everywhere you go.  So grab your best friend and snuggle up by the fire.  ❤  Xoxoxo



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