Workout and Word of the Day: #66

Today was significantly better than the other days this week.  I think that the combination of awareness, acceptance, making check lists, and checking them off has helped me tremendously.  I have also been writing and blogging more frequently and that has helped me gain perspective on who I am and who I would like to become.  Also visiting your blogs and reading your posts has been so inspiring.

Also, EXERCISE!!!  I think that my brain functions so much better when I lead an active lifestyle.  I want to keep this up!  Working out at home has been an adventure.  It just goes to show that you can get a great workout right in the comfort of your home.  Rainy days don’t matter!

Workout of the Day: HIIT + Stationary Bike

*For this workout it helps to set a timer.  Set your timer for 50 seconds on with 10 seconds rest.  There is a total of 12 exercises.

  1. Jump Lunges
  2. Squats
  3. Tricep Dips
  4. Burpees
  5. Russian Twists
  6. Plank
  7. Push-up thrusters
  8. High knees
  9. Side plank right side
  10. Side plank left side
  11. Push-ups
  12. Bicycle crunches

*Repeat this circuit one more time!!!

This equipment-free workout kicked my booty!!!  I think in the middle of my russian twists I said, “I’m so out of shape!”  And my boyfriend said, “That’s okay.”  Those two words were so comforting and encouraging in that moment.  It was nice to know that I was supported and accepted.

  • Stationary Bike 50 minutes = 10 miles!!!

Word of the Day:


  1. Relating to or using a system of numerical notation that has 16 rather than 10 as its base.

Today was more productive than most days and I feel good about that.  I got an email stating that I will have my first Computer Science Quiz on Monday.  Keep your fingers crossed that I will be able to make significant progress with my studies this weekend and prepare sufficiently for this quiz.  In the past, I always had terrible test anxiety.

Enjoy your Friday and do something fun tonight!  My man and I went for a quick stroll through the college campus then picked up yummy Thai food before picking up one of our tenants from work.  I think the best part was picking out some chocolate to enjoy with my peppermint tea.

Alright, I better get back to studying.  Goodnight.

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo

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