How To Heal…

❤ How To Heal ❤

Living Out Loud

What is the best way to heal?

In the midst of a crisis you are in survival mode and you do everything that you can just to get through it all.

Some days it consumes your soul and makes it challenging to get through the day…  Other days, you shove it into the back of your brain and heart.  Push forward to get a fresh start.

You funnel all your emotions and energy into something.  A project.  A relationship.  Work. School.  Other people’s problems.  And it helps…  Your mind and heart gets a little break and you can help others along the way.

At its BEST, that energy can manifest itself in “self-improvement.”  You feel more alive than ever before.  You have been given another chance.  And you want to become as strong, fit, intelligent, and beautiful as you possibly can.  You throw yourself into creative outlets and endeavors and…

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