No Coffee? NO PROBLEM!!!

By Day #4 it’s not so bad!  My energy has picked up and this was the first time that I wasn’t itching for my caffeine “fix” to exist! I like  to start my day with a green smoothie. Here’s My Simple Green Smoothie Recipe: *I use a Nutri-bullet, but any blender will work. 2 or […]

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Originally posted on Living Out Loud:
Why is it easier to accept what is given to us and think that it is what we deserve? What would happen if we raised the bar, set Higher standards, and lived with the deliberate intention of becoming the very Best version of ourselves? Would living this way improve…

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Workout and Word of the Day: #68

I was determined to workout today because I missed a couple of days.  Luckily, I have been successful in cleaning up my nutrition.  Initially I was going to give up animal products completely and go down vegan lane, but sushi always gets me…  So I am going to be vegetarian then in the future if […]

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