To-Do-List: October 26th-31st

I am thrilled by the progress I made last week.  It felt good to check off those long standing tasks.  It feels good to get caught up with school work.  Now I just need to code and practice Python Programming like there’s no tomorrow.

I also want to spend sometime doing household chores.  The house is not completely unruly, but I would like to clean it so that we have a clean and organized environment that will be conducive to studying and learning.


  1. Python Programming: Ch. 5
  2. Python Programming: Ch. 6
  3. Python Programming Ch. 7
  4. Digital Logic: Read Ch. 5
  5. Digital Logic: Read Ch. 6
  6. Digital Logic: Ch. 5 Problems
  7. Digital Logic: Ch. 5 Lab
  8. Study and write Digital Logic Notes for Mid-term
  9. Write Final Draft of Essay
  10. Wash dishes and Wipe Counters
  11. Sweep and Mop
  12. Organize Cabinets and Fridge
  13. Vacuum
  14. Wash and put away Laundry

That should keep me busy for awhile!  Here goes!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


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