Costumes Through the Years

I hope that everyone had a Happy Halloween!  I remember as a child that I used to be so bummed out when Halloween fell on a weekday.  I guess as an adult it is a little different.  Did you dress up and do something fun?!?! 

This was the 1st time in years that I did not dress up.  I thought about it, but I am in the midst of mid-terms and even had my Digital Logic mid-term yesterday.  I wanted to call as little attention to myself as possible!

I got home after school and studied then I worked out.  After dinner time, things started to pick up.  We had a bowl for passing out candy and we got two sets of trick-or-treaters!  We would have had more, but my boyfriend passed out the 2nd set of candy and dispersed the entire bowl to the kids.  At least they hit the jackpot that time!!!

I had just completed my kettle-bell workout when one of our tenants came home with news.  She got a full-time job and was planning on moving closer to her work at the end of November.  We toasted with a tequila shot for her and some double-ipa’s for my boyfriend and I.  It is bittersweet because she is an excellent tenant, but I am also very happy for her.  She gets to embark on a grand adventure and start a new life!  ❤

I had to read 13 chapters then write an essay on the reading that was due today so I knew it would be a late night.  My boyfriend suggested that we order pizza for delivery and I jumped at the chance!  We got pepperoni in addition to cheesy bread and mini apple pies!

Here are some fun costumes from past years!

Spider Woman with the lifeguards (that happened to be their job)
That night we were butterflies!!!  It was shortly after we 1st met and I was thrilled that he dressed up with me.
This wasn’t Halloween, but might as well have been.  My sister and I dressed up for the “Procession of the Species!”

This was a fun Halloween Occasion.  I was supposed to be a Gypsy Fairy of some sort!

I ❤ these masks!!!
IMG_4111 (1)
Exploring my options (with wings that is!)

So even though I didn’t dress up this year, at least I got to make up for it in past years!

Send me links in the comments below to your Halloween posts!  I would love to visit you!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “Costumes Through the Years

  1. Ewww, hope the essay went well? Love your past costumes! I especially love the masks! Ohmigoodness, I’m seriously going to have to think about a mask for next year! They’re awesome! I know that picture was from awhile ago, but are you still at the pool?

    1. Yeah, I was able to pull together an essay. Yeah, the professors decided at 4:30 yesterday evening to assign those 13 chapters to us. I feel good now that it’s done. Yeah, that picture was from 2014. This is actually the 1st year that I am not working at the pool. Sometimes I do miss coaching.

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