Workout and Word of the Day: #79

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Are you enjoying November so far?!?!  There’s something refreshing about a brand new month.  Yesterday I had a long commute with my boyfriend and then I had to hit the books (or keys, rather) as soon as we got home.  So I didn’t workout yesterday.  I was a little bummed about it because I love to streak, but that’s okay…  Life Happens.

I made sure that I didn’t skip my workout today!  Yesterday on our drive home, my boyfriend gave me some inspirational advice to keep me motivated in school.  I have decided that it is time for me to raise the bar and push myself more, academically.  At the beginning of the quarter I let my anxiety and fears get the best of me and I missed some classes and I fell behind.  Even now, I am still playing catch-up.  

I get stuck in “fight-or-flight” then I break out in a sweat and panic…  My mind goes blank and it just gets ugly.  It is uncomfortable and embarrassing.  Despite these discomforts, I have decided to push myself a little more.  I think I have been a little too soft and have been too passive.  It is time for me to grow a backbone and make it a point to learn.

Today was an uncomfortable victory.  I forced myself to go to class and when we dispersed to go to lab.  I forced myself to go to lab even though I was uncomfortable with being behind…  And it ended up being better than I thought!

I was in a weird mood by the time I got home.  Feeling insecure and inadequate.  At that point I took my puppy Ruby for a nice evening walk and that helped me feel better.

Workout of the Day:  Kettle-bell Sculptor + Blogilates Abs!!!

I started with a 30 minute Kettle-bell Dvd from the library.  It was challenging, but I kept reminding myself that “I am strong” and it became empowering to push through the exercises.

I felt pretty winded after that 1st workout, but I wanted to get in some Pilates too.  This was a fun Snowbunny Workout with Cassey!


Clapper Song Challenge!  I like the song challenges because they give us an opportunity to focus on a single move and feel the burn!


Here is the Ultimate 2016 AB Workout!  I think this is my favorite ab workout.  It is full of variety and fun!  Definitely give it a try!  You’ll ❤ it!!!


I think that my more sedentary life causes pain in my lower back.  I started doing an oblique workout, but decided to listen to my body and stop.  I think the twisting is a little too much at this point.  So I finished strongly with this 8 minute burner!!!

Word of the Day:


  1. a steplike arrangement (as of troops or airplanes)
  2. one of a series of levels or grades in an organization or field of activity
  3. a group of individuals at a particular level or grade in an organization

Thank you for joining me for tonight’s “Workout and Word of the Day” I hope you enjoyed it!  What are your goals for November?  Are you ready for the holiday season to begin!  I know that I am!  I LOVE this time of year.

Good night my Dear Darling Friends!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


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