To-Do List: November 4th -7th 2016

  1. Python Programming: Ch. 5
  2. Python Programming: Ch. 6
  3. Python Programming Ch. 7
  4. Digital Logic: Read Ch. 5
  5. Digital Logic: Read Ch. 6
  6. Digital Logic: Ch. 5 Problems
  7. Digital Logic: Ch. 5 Lab
  8. Digital Logic: Read   Ch. 6
  9. Digital Logic: Ch. 6 Problems
  10. Digital Logic: Ch. 6 Lab
  11. Digital Logic: Make corrections to mid-terms
  12. Python: Ch. 8
  13. Python: Ch. 9
  14. Python: Ch. 10
  15. Python: Ch. 11
  16. Read “The Cuckoo’s Egg” by Cliff Stoll Ch. 14 – 33
  17. Write Seminar Check-in
  18. Write Seminar Essay
  19. Wash and Put Away Dishes
  20. Vacuum house
  21. Create Running Training Plan
  22. Begin Implementing running training plan

I decided to hop right into the list first because I definitely have my work cut out for me!  As you can see, my Python Programming chapters have piled up at the top of a steep hill, but I will not retreat.  I am ready to fight the good fight!

I knew that getting into the Computer Engineering Program would be tough and sticking with the program could be even tougher, I still feel lost, but I am not going to give up!  I am determined to learn!!!

I see a light at the end of the tunnel and it shines in the form of understanding.  

What tasks are on your to-do-list this weekend?!?!  You can do it!  Thanks for stopping by my Dear Darling Friends!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana xoxoxo


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