My Facebook-Free Life

I still feel the same way with even more conviction ❤

Living Out Loud

I promise that I am not here to trash-talk or bash Facebook.  I think that it is the easiest and best way to stay in touch with friends and family  even if they live miles away.

I remember when I first got Facebook…  At the end of summer a little more than a decade ago, I was so excited when my college email arrived in the mail along with my roommate assignment.  Back then, you had to have a college email address to have a Facebook.   The Myspace-craze was beginning to simmer down and it was a way for me to get acquainted with other upcoming students.  Back then I believe that you could post pictures, send private messages to friends, write on somebody’s wall, and “poke somebody.”  I am still not exactly sure what the poking feature is supposed to accomplish.  It was pretty cool back then and…

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