I’m Spoiled… No Blessed!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  I was looking forward to it.  My boyfriend and I made plans to have brunch with his parents then dinner with my family.  Brunch fell through then as time drew nearer we realized that neither of our cars were fit to drive.  His needs a break job and mine needs a possible rim replacement.

I did not hide the fact that I was bummed.  My mom stayed up all night cooking.  My Grandma Alice and Uncle Ed were supposed to attend, but I guess their van was having battery issues and they didn’t want to chance getting stranded.  I felt like I was drowning in disappointment by the time I called mom to break the disappointing news to her.  I invited her to our home, but I knew that would be a lot to ask since they had already spent hours with preparation and I wasn’t able to help.

I attempted to cheer myself up with a fitness blender workout before joining my boyfriend by the fire with our candy cane shot glasses of patron.  It felt good to sweat and workout, but 3/4 through the workout I could not silence my disappointment.  I wanted to spend the day with my family.  That is the ONLY reason I celebrate this holiday at all is to spend time with family.  I decided that I was going to chance it and try driving to my parents then if my car faltered, my boyfriend could rescue me.  Just as I called my mom, she said that they had just finished cooking and planned on bringing dinner to us then driving 2.5 hours to my Grandma Alice’s house and bringing dinner to her also.

I was touched.  It was so thoughtful of my parents to think of us.  When I told my boyfriend about it, he said that he would drive them down and it would be an adventure for us!  I was glad that I didn’t drink any shots of patron at that point!  He also wanted to buy my Grandma a new battery for her car so she would have transportation again.  While we were waiting for my parents to arrive we tried looking for an auto supply store, but none was open on thanksgiving day.  Thankfully, we called Wal-mart and they said that they had car batteries, but warned us that it was chaotic since the Black Friday sale had already begun.  We got halfway there then decided to head back on the way back we stopped at Target which was total and complete chaos.  They only had a half aisle of auto stuff AND people where snaking through the aisles miles away from the check-out stand.  We did however take a detour and stood in the short, but rapidly expanding starbucks line.  My boyfriend was so thoughtful and ordered Venti iced flat whites for everyone!

We got home and I had just enough time to shower before my parents arrived with a feast!  They did not expect us to accompany them on their late-night voyage.  At that point it was nearly 9:30 pm.  We drove off and picked up a car battery on the way there.  I was thankful when my boyfriend insisted on driving.  My eyesight is not the best in the stormy night.

We arrived late and were greeted warmly by Grandma Alice who had ironically already eaten dinner, but we set up dinner anyways and visited.  Then after “dinner” we played Sakura.  I had such a wonderful time visiting and spending time with Christopher.  I asked him if he wanted to watch tv with my Dad or visit with Grandma and he said “let’s visit because tv will always be there.”  I was so touched with this response.

We had a word search contest and I surprisingly caught up and won!  It was a night to remember and he drove us safely home.  I feel so blessed to have such an amazing man in my life.

What was the BEST thing that happened to you this weekend?  Comment below to share!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo

NaBloPoMo November 2016


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