Workout and Word of the Day: #92

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This past week was my rest week.  It wasn’t planned, but it happened to work out that way.  I did however go for walks with my puppy Ruby.

I’ll be honest.  I felt a little discouraged.  On Thanksgiving a dear friend of mine had a “let’s just be honest.  Let’s just be real” talk with me and praised me for my consistency in working out.  Then came the brutal truth.  They reminded me that with my current eating habits my results would be a lot less apparent and I faced the possibility of not reaching my goals.  They acknowledged the fact that clean eating requires discipline, dedication, and willpower.  

The truth stung a little, but for maybe the first time I didn’t cry or get overly defensive.  I could listen with an open heart and a logical mind and see the value in their heartfelt advice or tough love.  In closing they recommended backing off on the exercise and focusing on nutrition then getting more active once I had better eating habits.  It’s true.  I had been working my ass off and growing stronger, but I used the workouts as a way to justify my late night munchies, the cocktails, pepperoni lovers stuffed crust pizza, sneaking in the popcorn and treats, and everything in between.  I spent the rest of the week indulging and even tonight I might take a celebratory shot of Patron.

In my week without exercise I noticed some changes…  I felt more exhausted.  More dependent on coffee for energy.  Discouraged.  Lost.  And a lot less confidant.  I fell into the sedentary life with ease and enjoyed it.  My willpower and desire to workout and take on challenges also started to diminish.

Today was December and I knew that a new month would be a perfect opportunity to kick off my workout habit once again!  I felt tempted to blow it off and there were many more sedentary things I would have rather been doing than working out.  So I reminded myself that it was a new month and a fresh start!  I would start out gently with pop Pilates!

Workout of the Day: Pop Pilates Legs!!!

This Cardio beat workout is a fun warm-up with lots of lunges.  It is also apartment friendly!

This Quick Burn Legs workout is full of balance exercises.  Balance gets better with practice:

Butt Lifting and Thighs right here right NOW!!!

Word of the Day:


  1. to decrease in size, extent, or degree.
  2. to fall suddenly from power, prosperity, or influence.

So there you go!  And just remember that it’s okay to start slow!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo

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