Transform Your Life Project: #52

Merry Christmas My Dear Darling Friends!

How was your week?  This week was a blurr for me.  We got our Christmas tree last week and my lovely little pet family has been enjoying it to the fullest.  After I got the Christmas tree up and running, I was planning on having a Christmas cookie making party, but my friends were either out of town or sick.  My boyfriend offered to make cookies with me, but he was super busy with work so the cookies didn’t get made and I am okay with that.

Our Christmas celebrations began on Thursday.  My parents, Christopher, and I headed to Portland to visit my Grandma and take her out for Christmas dinner.  That afternoon my boyfriend took me out on a romantic lunch at a fancy restaurant on the water.

Our Beautiful View at Lunch.

We both decided to order the black and bleu burgers with fries and were able to keep our bill under $35.

After lunch we headed home and I finished wrapping Christmas gifts.

Christmas dinner with Grandma Alice was nice.  I am so happy that we all got to come together, visit, and enjoy a meal together.  That night, my boyfriend surprised me by getting us a room in the lodge!  Another romantic surprise!!!

Grandma Alice, My Mom, and I ❤

On our way home we picked up this super cute swan cat toy for Alleyjandra!


My friend Paige came over for some peppermint hot chocolate and we got  a chance to visit.  On Christmas Eve we went to my boyfriend’s parents house for dinner.  We bought his parents a drone and enjoyed seeing their surprised expressions.

Lexis and Ebb

On Christmas Day, I went to noon mass which was bilingual then  my parents came over and cooked us dinner.  Also surprise surprise!  They went on a little trip with us to pick up Christopher’s Christmas gift to us.  Can you guess what it is?!

Our very own Motor Home!!!

It’s officially official!  We have purchased our 2nd home and are hoping to someday visit all 50 states!  Or at least more than 30 :).  Alleyjandra got to hang out with us in the RV and I think that she approves.

*Just a head’s up, if you ever put your kitty in a harness do not leave them unattended because they can easily slip out of it.*

Now we have reached that beloved week right before we ring in the New Year.  This has historically been my favorite time of year because I had a break from school and sometimes even work.  I could always pick up extra hours if I wanted them too around this time of year.  It is an opportunity to reflect on the past year and to set goals and make plans for the new year.

It just occurred to me that this will be the final week of my 1st ever “Transform Your Life Project.”  I am happy with the way this project went.  I had a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns.

It is great to be in school again.  More than anything else, I feel the need to really start focusing on myself.  I have caught myself worrying and stressing about other people and worrying about the future.  I think I need to start applying my energy and my efforts to my own life.

Another thing that I have noticed is that I want to start working on “How To Be” when I am no longer in crisis.  Ever since I came home in 2010, most of my relationships were centered around healing from my past.  That is not a bad thing, but when I opened up to people we usually ended up talking about my abusive past or trauma or how to get me out of bad situations.

I am thankfully no longer in crisis, but I have still had trouble feeling confident in myself and strong.  There is also that stress around turning 30 in the near future and feeling like I have a long ways to go before I am an adult.

Here are my goals for this final week:


Organize Your Life

  • Plan ahead and prepare
  • Set goals
  • Dream BIG
  • Sleep at night
  • Get an early start

How was your Christmas?  Did you get to spend time with friends and family?  Comment below to share your stories.

Love and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo



5 thoughts on “Transform Your Life Project: #52

  1. Love the pics! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas week! Hope you get to visit a bunch of the fifty states in 2017! Hope the new year is amazing for you! Xoxo Ash 🙂

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