Transform Your Life Project 2.0: Week #1

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Welcome to week #1 of my “Transform Your Life Project 2.0” or I guess the start of week 2.  My overall theme for this years’ project is: “Know Thyself.”  I would like to more clearly and confidently identify my strengths.  I think by being more “tuned in” and open to learning about my strengths; I will be able to identify what they are.  This may even mean turning some of my weaknesses into strengths with practice and dedication.

I spent the first part of this first week focused on clean eating and I successfully stuck with it up until Thursday!  By “stuck with it” I mean that I wrote out my meals the night before, drank lots of water, and successfully refrained from sugar, sweeteners, and flour.  These were very positive changes in my life and it felt empowering to exercise willpower and make healthy choices.  I think something that greatly contributed to my success was doing a daily phone call check in with my friend Tara.

On Tuesday I did a Buti Yoga workout and I could tell that it increased my appetite and made me very tired.  By Wednesday I got a little derailed because one of our tenants got really sick and I was very afraid of getting sick right before school started.  I think I had a mini panic attack because when I get sick I start to have problems with my asthma and it quickly escalates into pneumonia.  Thankfully, I have been able to stay well.  I picked up some zicam (zinc lozenges) and drank lots of lemon water.  On Thursday I stayed up really late with my boyfriend.  We drank wine and ordered a pizza so I did not stick with my “brightlines” for the rest of the week.  

Much of last week was spent getting organized and preparing for school to start.  I was able to check off big tasks off my checklist like deep cleaning our bathroom and kitchen!  

On Friday I literally removed every single item from every drawer and shelf in our bathroom and cleaned like there was no tomorrow!  It felt good to be selective about the items that I kept.  I also decided that from now on we are not going to store items in the shower.  The soap scum got the best of me and we are just going to choose our products each time then return them back to their homes.  I felt so accomplished after completing these household chores, but I think I was a little sleep deprived so I crashed hard that night and fell into a deep depression.  At the time it felt like all I wanted to do was stay in bed (at 4:30 in the evening), hide, and cry myself to sleep.  Thankfully, I texted my friend Paige and we were able to chat.  I also said some prayers and before long I was feeling better!

I think I have also been  really stressed out because my boyfriend’s best friend from the Navy is going to stay with us for awhile until he gets settled and in school.  I think I freaked out a little because as a whole, it is very difficult for me to trust any men.  I think it has something to do with my abusive past.  It took me a very long time to be able to trust my boyfriend with my heart.  I also know that my bf is very selective about the people he keeps in his life and is also very careful about who he trusts.  So I have finally decided to use this as an opportunity to practice trusting my boyfriend.  I trust his judgement so I am going to be supportive and also just focus on myself.  His friend flies in tomorrow so wish me luck and please keep me in your prayers!!!

I think this is a perfect time for me to back off the gaming.  We think that I must have pinched a nerve or something because my hand has been going numb in the middle of the night every night for the past 2 weeks.  It is scary so I am going to learn more about ergonomics and be more mindful of my movements.  I also think that it is probably a good idea for me to start exercising again.


Build My Foundation

  • A Girls  gotta get her beauty sleep!(this applies to you guys too!). My sleep schedule was off this week so I am going to do a better job of keeping a more consistent sleep schedule this week.
  • Eliminate Distractions (less Netflix & Games).  This is the beginning of a new week and I can still get through it without turning on Netflix or Starcraft.
  • Create a healthy routine.
  • Plan your track and track your plan (keep a food journal).  I am pleased with my consistency in food journaling!
  • Eat Clean.  50/50.  I want to do better this week!
  • Do What you must.
  • Create Healthier Habits.

I hope you enjoyed my first recap of the week!  Today was my 1st day of winter quarter at school.  I am taking a 16 credit program called “Dancing Molecules, Dancing Bodes.”  It covers Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Dance, and Health.  I am really excited about this quarter and am enjoying the change of pace from “Computer Science Foundations!!!”  I want this to be a strong quarter for me academically so I am going to tighten up my study habits and dedicate more time to learning.

I was thinking of posting weekly progress photos, but I am a little shy and self-conscious.  What do you think?  Should I post some?  Comment below to share your thoughts.  

I hope you will have an absolutely amazing week!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

7 thoughts on “Transform Your Life Project 2.0: Week #1

  1. Your bathroom looks amazing! I hope all goes well with your houseguest. And I hope school goes awesome too. I think progress pictures would be great! Then you would have more motivation to keep going as you see your progress! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ash! The bathroom was work, but so worth it.I really appreciate your kind words. Our guest arrives tonight and I am hoping everything goes smoothly. Have a lovely day!!!

      ❤ Alana

    2. Thanks Ash! The bathroom was work, but so worth it.I really appreciate your kind words. Our guest arrives tonight and I am hoping everything goes smoothly. I do love to see growth and progress so maybe I will end up posting some photos 🙂
      Have a lovely day!!!

      ❤ Alana

  2. You’re doing great, Alana! You know, it’s not because you messed up one day, that it means, it ruined the rest of your week. You have to learn to forgive yourself and get back on track the day after!
    You’re right about the sleep… I also need it. But working a 8 to 5, just makes me want to stay up longer and enjoy life haha. xoxo Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Yes, this journey has been teaching me patience and forgiveness.
      I can totally understand how it feels to want to make the days last as long as possible after a full day at work. A lot of times sleep almost feels like a chore, but it is a good way to practice self-care too.
      Hope you are enjoying your week!!!

      ❤ Alana

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