Add More Rooms To Your Home!!!

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Have you ever had a full-house yet plans to have family and friends over?  I know that I have had my share of holidays and gatherings where I have had to either spend the night in the living room or offer my living room or nook to a guest.  I always used to wish that I could offer more privacy or somehow turn my unused space into a room.

My boyfriend and I and his friend have been spending many late nights brainstorming and building a solution to this dilemma.

Here is a Fun and Affordable solution that could add more rooms to your house:

This is a one of a kind hand-crafted room divider system that gives you total privacy. Our most basic version shown here uses hand picked recycled canvas sheets permanently mounted to a fully collapsible lattice frame terminating at both ends with two locking vertical supports which extend up to ten feet to provide vertical stability in any space that does not use a high vaulted ceiling. This kit also includes the mountable door and door frame. Our walls ship fully assembled with setup instructions and take about 5 minutes to deploy with two people present. This wall is ideal for airBnB, college students, children on leave from the military, or any other circumstance where you just want to build an extra bedroom with excellent privacy. Fully extended, the 12 foot base model wall reaches 16 feet with the door attached. These walls are both strong very flexible and can withstand a bend/curvature of 120 degrees per 12 feet of lattice material. All walls ship with a folding table and a lock on the door. With some very simple disassembly this model can fit into any sedan that has a folding rear seat.

This used to be unused loft space, but we have turned it into a beautiful office space!
Custom Door Frame that fits conveniently into any space!
The inside of the office with a classy lattice design (those bolts will be clipped and covered!)
Custom-made table that easily collapses!
One more look from the outside.

We can also customize your wall.  We can paint designs on  your canvas and add any colors!!!

Visit This Link for more info and to purchase your privacy wall:


Full-Sized Portable Wall

Also please comment below if you would like to see more pictures or if you have any questions!

I am super excited about the prospect of having an affordable solution!  I have used many partition style walls like these in the past, but they have always been a very temporary solution that always managed to get knocked down.

We have already added 2 additional rooms to our house with our newest creation!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo


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