Workout and Word of the Day: #3

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Welcome to my 3rd “Workout and Word of the Day!”  I did this workout yesterday, but  was too wiped out to post it at the end of the day.  I was able to catch the last half-hour of a zumba class on campus then went to search for new dancing shoes.  Does anyone have any good recommendations for dancing shoes?  I do not want to use my running shoes because those are hard on the knees.  Comment below if you have discovered some shoes that work well for dance and lateral motion!

I love dance fitness because it is so much fun that it never feels like work.  People of all shapes and sizes come together and rock out to some fun music!  By mid-afternoon I was craving Mixxedfit so I called a local gym to find out how much it would cost to drop in.  They said that usually it is $10 (too much), but today happened to be a Mixxedfit launch day so it was free (my favorite Price!)

Workout of the Day: Mixxedfit!  + Upper Body

I absolutely LOVE Mixxedfit!  I didn’t even notice how sore my feet were until I walked to my car.  OUCH!  It’s definitely time for some new dancing shoes!  Here is one of my favorite routines!!!

Here is a Fun Upper Body Workout!!!

Word of the Day:

asseverate- verb

  1. To declare earnestly or solemnly; affirm positively

Have a Happy Friday my friends!!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana

2 thoughts on “Workout and Word of the Day: #3

  1. Hi Alana, I’ve been following and enjoying reading your blog for quite a while and thought it was time I commented on one of your posts. Fixxedfit looks like a really fun but tiring fitness class. If I’m feeling brave, I might have a go at some of the upper body workout exercises tomorrow. I hope that you have a happy Friday :o)

    1. Hi Emma!
      I am so happy to hear that you have been enjoying my posts. Thanks for following me :). Mixxedfit is fun and you can always modify and back off on intensity. I always say that “we can work what we got” some days are more energetic than others and that is just fine!
      I hope you will enjoy the upper body workout. I really like fitness blender because they demonstrate the technique well and always provide a good variety of exercises!
      Happy Friday to you too!!!

      ❤ Alana

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