Transform Your Life Project 2.0: Week #3

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

How was your week?  My week was a little bit of a blurr, but I know it was good from what I remember.  I got new running shoes and made it a point to run on Monday.  After my run I did some resistance training which felt empowering.  I noticed that after my run and strength training; I was on cloud 9 and NOTHING could get me down!  I think that is a message / sign that I need to get into a workout routine because I am a lot more optimistic about life when I am active.

On Tuesday we had a movement lesson at school where we formed groups of 4 then created choreography based on anatomical shapes that our professor gave us.  At first I felt a little overwhelmed by the project, but I was blessed to work with two ladies who have had dance and choreography experience.  We created a dance to the song “Lego House” by Ed Sheeran.

We created the choreography and the dance in the morning then in the afternoon we performed our dances in front of the entire class.  I love how my group stayed the latest and started practicing before the other groups.  We also requested to perform 1st and I am glad we did!

On Wednesday I went to Zumba and had a grand time!  I felt a little out of place because it has been a long time since I have gone to a class, but I was glad that I went.  On Thursday we performed our dances for our professor Kabby Mitchell and he taught us a new dance.  That evening I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could go to Mixxedfit for free because they were doing a launch at the local gym.

Friday was not as productive as I wanted it to be, but my boyfriend and I decided it was a perfect day to hit the trails.

It was Exactly what I needed.  The hike got my blood pumping!  There were some very steep and muddy hills, but it was all worth-it for that gorgeous view.  We also got to walk along the beach.  I think my favorite part was riding on the swings with my boyfriend.  I love him so much.

Friday was inauguration day and look at this sign that we encountered on our way:


I honestly felt strained and stressed during this week.  My bf friend has personality traits that clash with mine.  He is arrogant, self-absorbed, and full of himself.  That’s all I’m going to say.  We haven’t had a direct conflict or confrontation, but it is hard for me to want to be around people like that.  Thankfully my boyfriend has been understanding and supportive of me.  We are working it all out!

This weekend we all worked together and built another yurt!!!

It has been a fun project that has taken a lot of creativity and teamwork!  I will keep you updated on our progress!!!

We were up late on Friday night so I slept in on Saturday and missed my 2nd DJ Training class.  I was also going to skip my Afro-Brazilian Dance class, but I pried myself out of bed and drove myself to class.  I am so glad that I did!  I always feel so alive when I am dancing ❤ !!!

I did not spend a lot of money this past weekend which is a positive change from last weekend!  Sunday was very productive.  We made more progress on the yurt and I read my Science Lab Safety manual and got 100% on the test!


Build My Foundation

  • A Girls  gotta get her beauty sleep!(this applies to you guys too!).
  • Eliminate Distractions (less Netflix & Games).
  • Create a healthy routine.
  • Plan your track and track your plan (keep a food journal).
  • Eat Clean.
  • Do What you must.
  • Create Healthier Habits.

I know that I could do a better job with these areas of focus, but I am not going to beat myself up over it.  I have great attendance at school and am feeling good about life in general so I will take it!!!

Today during my lunch break I talked with the directors at the radio station and they set up a time to meet with me so that I can get caught up!  I am thrilled because I thought I blew it when I called out sick.  I am so thankful for this chance to get caught up and move forward!

What are your goals for this week?  Comment below to share them.  Also, how do you deal with people who you do not see eye to eye with?

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

10 thoughts on “Transform Your Life Project 2.0: Week #3

    1. Hi Jai!
      Thanks so much! This has definitely helped me to become more aware of how I spend my time and who I share it with!
      I am so happy that you were able to find some inspiration :).
      Have a wonderful rest of your week and let’s continue to Live Out LOUD!!!

      ❤ Alana

  1. Having a partner who is different from you can be quite good, as you should balance each other out. He can give you a bit of his confidence and you should make his edges a bit softer :). Dancing is such a great sport! It absolutely makes me happy. Talking about Zumba, I’m teaching it to my dad this Thursday haha. It should help him with getting better at the ball room dancing :). That yurt looks so cool!! xoxo ❤ Sarah

    1. That is so true. It is a blessing to find someone who can bring out the best in you. Having different interests has actually opened up a whole new world to both of us! That is so awesome that you’re teaching your dad Zumba!!!
      Yes, I love how it always has so much variety and energy. I’m sure it will help with ballroom dancing!
      I hope you are doing well!!

      ❤ Alana

      1. Haha, yes our ballroom teacher showed us a Zumba dance last Saturday during our annual opening show for the public. And boy that man can move. My dad was mesmerized. And I told him, I’ve been doing that for years on my Wii. So he instantly asked me to teach him haha!
        I’m doing well as we’re already halfway in the week. It makes me look even more forward to the weekend! I hope you’re having a great week too!! xoxo Sarah

      2. 🙂 it is, my dad and me, we’re like one. I’m just his female version haha. ❤ Sarah

      3. Awww that is absolutely precious! Enjoy and treasure these moments. Family is such a blessing! I am a lot like my dad too. I wish we could spend more time together. He is always working.
        Your dad is lucky to have a daughter like you!

        ❤ Alana

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