Transform Your Life Project 2.0: Week #4

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

1st of all I would like to acknowledge the fact that today was an exceptionally great day!  I stayed up late last night studying chemistry and I spent the last few minutes before bed writing out a schedule for myself and I believe it payed off!  I woke up with no alarm and with a sense of purpose!  That’s exceptionally good especially for a Monday!

I have created a nice little morning ritual with our kitten Carl and it has given me something to look forward to.  I think caring for others gives me a sense of purpose and takes my eyes, worries, and concerns off of myself.  It also helped that I bought a coffee for myself the night before rather than rushing off to a coffee stand for a sugar filled drink.  Additionally, I came to school equipped with protein bars that fueled my day.

I knew that I would be prone to a flurry of worries and anxiety since today would be our 1st chemistry lab so I made it a point to be aware of it.  I promised myself that I would enjoy the process and not let my worries get the best of me.  And guess what?!?!  It worked!  I had 2 great lab partners and a wonderful time!

I felt efficient with my time today because I used my break time to study.  Now about this past week…

Our yurt is coming along nicely.  I will have to post more current pics.  It is a mini because we used wood that we had on hand.

I always knew that Tuesdays were extra special and last Tuesday was more special than ever because we got our newest little kitty cat, Carl.  He is mischievous, cuddly, spunky, and sweet.  I absolutely Adore this little kitty treat <3.  Sadly the other kittens are still growly powly hissy grumps, but I am hoping that they will warm up to little Carl soon.  The best part is that Carl already knows his name and greets me with meows and purrs every time he sees me.

Our helper from Texas went home on Wednesday and on Thursday I was busy at school.  I absolutely love our classes.  Something interesting happened.  This week two different ladies in two different classes told me that I am “adorable.”  When I say ladies I mean young college-aged women.  Both times I was dancing and just feeling joyful and happy.  It is always interesting when I get similar compliments close to each other.

Fridays are always a bit of a blurrrr…  I usually sleep in the spend some time recovering from the week.  I was feeling tired just thinking about Saturday because I knew that I would have to be up extra early for DJ Training.  I was feeling overwhelmed throughout the day because I felt unprepared for class.  I decided to turn to self-care and treated myself to an herbal stone pedicure and read through my entire DJ handbook while I was being pampered.  It was blissful and I was learning a lot.  I had an assignment to listen to an entire hour of community radio then write a log about the happenings.  My boyfriend and I made delicious brownies then lit a candle, brewed some tea and listened to the radio.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and think that I want to start adding that to my weekly routine.

I was exhausted on Saturday morning, but I pried myself out of bed and hauled my butt to the station.  After class Ruth was kind enough to meet with me and get me caught up on what I missed last Saturday.  Our meeting went past 12 and my Afro-Brazilian Dance class started at 12.  I must admit, I also had a little tummy ache and almost headed home, but I walked myself to class and got through it in style.  I am so glad that I made it to both of my commitments that Saturday.

My weekends have been speeding by and I have not been very productive.  I think I need to adjust myself to my new schedule and start getting my homework done earlier in the weekend.

Overall, this past week was a great one!  I really have no complaints.  I have not been working out regularly, but I have been staying active with my dance workshops.

Also, I want to thank the bloggers who have nominated me for awards from the bottom of my heart!  Thank you, it really means the world to me and I am honored.  I will get to them, my life has just been a little extra hectic.  Xoxoxo.


Build My Foundation

  • A Girls  gotta get her beauty sleep!(this applies to you guys too!).
  • Eliminate Distractions (less Netflix & Games).
  • Create a healthy routine.
  • Plan your track and track your plan (keep a food journal).
  • Eat Clean.
  • Do What you must.
  • Create Healthier Habits.

It is hard to believe that we are swiftly approaching the end of January!!!  I can tell that 2017 is going to be a GREAT year!  How was January for you?  Please comment below!  I would love to hear all about your month!

I better sign off so that I can study then head to bed.  Tomorrow is another full day!  Good night and Sweet Dreams my Dear Darling Friends!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

One thought on “Transform Your Life Project 2.0: Week #4

  1. Glad to read you’re enjoying! Enjoying the little things is how I get through my week, my days. And once in a while I allow myself to enjoy something bigger haha.
    Every time I read your 1ste Foundation (sleep), I feel guilty. I’ve been working on getting in bed by 11 pm instead of 12 pm which is already a huge step for me. This allows me to have 7,5 hours of sleep. In fact, I’m going to head there now :D. Have a nice week Alana! xoxo Sarah

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