Too Blessed To Be Stressed

This week I will admit that I was in a very whiny and pouty mood.  Nothing bad happened.  In fact it was quite the contrary since we got snow and school was cancelled two days in a row.  I planned less.  Slept more.  Watched netflix and played games.  Sounds pretty nice, right?  And in a lot of ways it definitely was, but my inconsistency got me feeling down.

The week before this past one was jam-packed and I made it a point to write out a schedule the night before.  I was initially worried that I would get tired, but I actually felt energized even with my busy schedule.  I think that might be the “secret.”  I have more energy and a sense of purpose when I organize my life and stay busy.

As the week went on I felt more grumpy and depressed over little dumb trivial things.  It probably was because of the lack of sleep I was getting.  This afternoon I started to think about how I never felt depressed when I was growing up.  I would feel anxious and worry even back then, but I was always too busy to feel down and depressed.  I spent more time focusing on the blessings in my life and praying through every challenge I was faced with.

Overtime life got heavier and I began to experience heartbreak and pain.  Yes, depression could be warranted after the nightmare I survived through.  PTSD can be hard to deal with, but it is a blessing that my life improves every year and the fears I used to deal with on the daily are beginning to disappear.

Today I decided that I want to be a person who is a joy to be around.  Life is heavy and unfair enough I don’t need to make it worse with a dark demeanor.  When it all comes down to it; I am simply too blessed to be stressed <3.

6 thoughts on “Too Blessed To Be Stressed

  1. Love the title of this post! Whenever I’m stressed, I just remind myself what’s the worse that can happen? Are you gonna pass out? lol

    Enjoy the rest of your week, honey!

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