How did I get so lucky to be with such an amazing person who loves me?

We have been through ups and downs, highs and lows; and now I go wherever he goes…

Disagreements happen, but then we work through them.  Sometimes they catch me off guard and we hold each other in such high regard.  I am stubborn and so is he, but in the end it’s not just me, but we.  So even if we disagree we talk it through respectfully.

Time flies.  No more sad goodbyes.  Working from home.  No more nights alone.

So I go back to the question: How did I get so lucky?  No, I’m NOT lucky just blessed!


12 thoughts on “How?

      1. LivingOutLoud: That was my aim to leave those type comments that would be appreciated and to also hopefully learn, engage & grow my writing skills too.

  1. The best answer I’ve learned to that annoying question, “How are you?” is this: “Blessed and grateful.” Sounds like you’re there yourself. Thanks for following Wing’s World, fellow blessed one!

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