Be Fascinating

The symptom is not always an implication of the need. Back in fall quarter I was in over my head in Computer Science Foundations.  I dreaded going to class because I felt so inadequate and behind and was in a constant state of anxiety. Every time I went to class, I would sweat.  Every time […]

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You Take Me The Way I Am

We enter a room hoping to change things.  I wish the lighting was different, the floor was softer, the teacher could speak up and be easier to understand.  It’s cold in here.  Too hot right now. We fall in love and find ourselves wanting to change them.  I wish she would listen!  Why can’t he […]

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I Long For A Life With Less…

We live in a culture of MORE. Get the Maximum value. MORE bang for your buck. Do MORE be MORE. I long for a life with less… Minimal distractions. Minimal possessions that causes less clutter. Live more stress less. Travel further by carrying less… Be pulled in less directions with a clearer direction. Love the […]

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Spring Break Plans

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Spring Break is finally here and it feels like a well-earned break after such a fun quarter at school!!!  I really love having the luxury of being a full-time student!  I am also thrilled that it occurred to me sooner than later that spring break has begun.  Historically, I spent […]

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