Create A Vision Board & Live Your Dreams Out LOUD!!!

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Back in 2014 I was obsessed with the fact that it was my “golden year.”  I had just moved into a new place, bought my car, became the new head coach of a swim team, was living the single life, had a close group of friends, and was determined my live my LIFE OUT LOUD!!!

That summer I was also rapidly losing weight because most of my meals consisted of a protein shake and maybe an orange.  And on “detox days” I would drink the adoptogen juice and only eat 6 of the snack wafers throughout the day.  I guess with a meal-plan like that; Anyone would lose weight, right?!?!  

I got in touch with a group of “like-minded” people who were doing the same type of thing and at our 1st meeting the hosts provided each of us with an empty black poster board and some magazines.  We were assigned the task of creating a “vision board.”  

I absolutely fell in love with the idea, but at the time it was as if I was afraid to dream.  I went home and could never find the right “time” to complete the project.  I was practically swimming in magazines that were piling up in my room because I was an information & inspiration collector.

2014 came and went and as 2015 came along, good things continued to happen.  I met the love of my life…  And then he disappeared…  And then he re-appeared…  And then we became inseparable and bought our 1st house together…  Then 2 cats…  And a dog.

Around Christmas time of 2015 I hosted a super fun christmas-cookie-making party.

I was so thrilled to re-connect with my friends and family.  I loved the idea of hosting more parties at our home and the next one was supposed to be a “Vision-board” Making party.  I messaged a  group of friends to see if they were interested and they all seemed interested…  Then life got hectic and it didn’t end up happening.

I still had that black poster board, but it lived in the garage with the craft supplies and was beginning to fade.  This year I decided that 2017 would be the year that I finally create that “Vision Board.”  I knew that I definitely wanted to make one before I turned 30.  At the very end of 2016 I read Marie Kondo’s book and ended up purging all of my catalogs and  magazines :(.  I soon realized that it was a mistake since I no longer had images to pick out for the board.  

Then a few weeks later in class we had an assignment to create a “Life Map” which is basically the same thing as a Vision Board!!!

Dancing Molecules, Dancing Bodies, Winter 2017
A Life Map helps you discover what you want for yourself and your life. Follow thesteps below to create your own Life Map.
Step One:
Gather magazines and catalogues.
Step Two:
Go through the magazines and catalogues and pull out images, words and phrasesthat speak to you or evoke feelings.
Step Three:
Cut out these images and words.
Step Four:
Place your words and images on a large board in a way that feels right to you.
Step Five:
Paste the images on the board.
Step Six:
Review your Life Map and ask yourself the following questions:
 What have I learned about myself from looking at my Life Map?  Do I see any patterns?  Does anything on my Life Map surprise me?  If I knew that all of the images and this Life Map would come in to my life,
would I be OK with that? 
 Who do I need to become in order to fulfill the intentions on my Life Map?  Based on my Life Map, what quality will I commit to developing this year?

I was thrilled because this was the perfect opportunity for me to complete the project I had planned on doing for years.  One night I started going through magazines that I found at a thrift store and I cut out all of the pictures that moved and inspired me.  

It was quite a process!!!


As you can see; I had lots and lots of help!  It was ALL hands on deck!!!

I am very happy with my Vision Board/Life Map!  I put it in a visible place that I can see every day to remind me of my goals and dreams!!!

That night, my boyfriend surprised me and made one too with that original vision board and it became Carl’s toy.  As you can see, my bf always has a sense of humor!!!

You should make a vision board too!!!  Let me know in comments below if you have any questions or are seeking ideas then once you have created your vision board; Write a post and send me a link!  We can achieve our goals and dreams together!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

10 thoughts on “Create A Vision Board & Live Your Dreams Out LOUD!!!

    1. Hi Jess!
      Thank you! I really love your “refocus your goals” course. What a great way to pick out the priorities from our goals. I am going to try it. I hope you are doing will and will have a wonderful week!!!

      ❤ Alana Xoxoxo

      1. Aww thanks! If you would like the password to the rest of the course, please do check out my Twitter/FB or email me 🙂 have a lovely week!

    1. Hi Shannon!
      Yes, you should totally do it! It is a fun and creative little project that got me excited about goal-setting. It is also inspiring to see it everyday when I wake up.
      I am happy that you are going to make one too I am looking forward to seeing your pics!!!
      Have a great rest of your week!!!

      ❤ Alana Xoxoxo

  1. Hi Alana, this is exactly what I needed. Happy you finally sat down to make it! It’s such a lovely project. But when you are not ready for it, you just keep pushing it off. You wrote that it’s like you didn’t dare to dream. I absolutely know that feeling. I’ve had it my entire life. I’ve now had several sessions with my career coach. And I’m so thankful for it. We first rebuilt my confidence. She dug into my upbringing, past and life, to look for my “talents”. We discussed why I never used any of these talents. And mainly it is because in my upbringing, I was made to believe these were worthless. That it’s not what I’d need in my career. i’m slowly opening up to the things I truly love and want. So the next step is dreaming… BIG… So she now gave me the task to prepare for our next meeting my dream… I wasn’t sure on how to start this. But your post gave me the answer. The Vision Board is exactly what I need to make!! Thx Alana!!! Let’s move forward together! <3<3 xoxo Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah!!!
      You definitely understand. I can relate to you too. I was very musical and played violin, sang, and swam for most of my life, but I was lead to believe that if I did not get a scholarship then I would have no real place for those skills beyond high school. I would often wish that I had spent more time on math, science, and practical/employable skills.
      I am so happy to hear that you have been able to build up your confidence and begin brainstorming and dreaming once again! You are so creative, talented, patient, ambitious, inspiring and have so many wonderful skills. I just know that you have a beautiful and bright future ahead of you, Sarah!
      I agree, dreaming can be daunting and scary especially because sometimes they seem so impossible. Or it feels like it is “too late.” The vision board took me years to finally create, but it has helped me tremendously. I am so happy that it can help you too!
      I have started spending a little more time on pinterest before bed. Exploring ideas, fashion, and places and today I started watching some fun youtube videos which helps to inspire me. Yes, let’s move forward together, Sarah!
      We GOT This!!!
      ❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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