You Take Me The Way I Am

We enter a room hoping to change things.  I wish the lighting was different, the floor was softer, the teacher could speak up and be easier to understand.  It’s cold in here.  Too hot right now.

We fall in love and find ourselves wanting to change them.  I wish she would listen!  Why can’t he speak up.  Look at that couple they are so perfect… GOALS.

When we talk about family we say that ours is dis-functional.  Or I didn’t have the greatest upbringing.  Or why are they SO old fashioned?!?!?!

When we look into the mirror we don’t always like what we see.  Wish I was taller, leaner stronger.  Wish that anxiety would melt away and my confidence would shine through.

We make excuses for the way we are.  

What would happen if we reached a point of acceptance?

Accept the room and get caught up in learning.

Love them unconditionally and allow them to be themselves and in return be yourself too.  Acceptance can strengthen relationships because it is different from settling.

Accept the fact that no one is perfect.  Some people are raised in unfortunate circumstances and some people’s live are full of blessings.  Take the best then leave the rest.

Look in the mirror with a sense of dignity and respect and if we do not like what we see know that we have the power to change it.


4 thoughts on “You Take Me The Way I Am

  1. I’m actually at a point in which I try to look at things with a different eye. Open up again. Not accept just the way it is, but see it in another light. Get in awe by it. Many years back I thought I lacked many things in my life, that I didn’t achieve the things that were supposed to be on my check list, that my parents were too this or were too that…
    Honestly, all those things made me who I am today. And revising everything with an open mind makes me love and accept my life, my family, my history even more. It’s about replacing the bad thoughts with new enlightening thoughts,… And you’ll automatically accept yourself the way you are… xoxo Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I really like you perspective. I can and used to always relate to your past… Feeling like I haven’t check enough things off my list or wishing my family had been supportive in different ways.
      Your current approach of opening up and seeing things in a different light is beautiful.
      Thank you for sharing this with me.

      ❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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