Be Fascinating

The symptom is not always an implication of the need.

Back in fall quarter I was in over my head in Computer Science Foundations.  I dreaded going to class because I felt so inadequate and behind and was in a constant state of anxiety. Every time I went to class, I would sweat.  Every time I talked with a professor or peer my glasses would fog up and I would sweat some more.  I walked into the academic adviser’s office and described my symptoms and she suggested that I visit the mental health counselor.

In the middle of winter quarter I was in a much better space.  I took a different program for a change of pace and it was the right choice for me.  I no longer dreaded going to class in fact, I looked forward to it.  I excelled in all of my classes and fell in love with learning once again.  I wanted to continue my growth and remembered that my tuition covered mental health services so I figured that I would see what resources they had to offer.  I went here, there, and everywhere searching for the right office and they kept on redirecting me.  When I finally found  the right place, I was given a questionnaire / intake form.  I had filled these out in the past so it was not completely foreign to me, but as I put my pen to the questions I realized that I was now in a different space.  And a better place.  And that was not longer where I needed to be.  It was empowering to see that my symptoms were no longer the same.

This week I had an academic evaluation with my professor and I did very well with the quarter.  Success has a way of lessening symptoms.  After my meeting I decided to visit the academic counselor to make sure I was on the right track academically.  They showed me some helpful online resources and directed me to Career Development.  This felt like the right fit for me.  She was kind enough to listen to my story and was very encouraging and supportive.  She suggested that I take some personality tests.

It was a fun coincidence because yesterday I watched this inspiring video:

At the end of the day I visited her website and took her personality test:

How To Fascinate

I learned that I am “The Talent.”  Watch this video then take the test if you like then comment below to let me know what your personality type was!

❤ Alana  Xoxoxo


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