To-Do-List: 4/12-4/16

First of all I would like to apologize for the fact that I have not been creating very creative and poetic blog posts, lately.  I have been so busy working on school work and increasing my productivity that I haven’t had a chance to grow my creative outlet.  For now I am fine with that because I want to pass my classes.

Nothing helps me with productivity the way list-making does!  I just love being able to see my tasks at-a -glance than feeling the satisfaction of crossing them off upon completion!

Here is my to-do-list from last week.

This week’s to-do-list:

  1. Study Respiratory System Lecture. 4/12
  2. Complete Respiratory System Lab. 4/15
  3. Read Chemistry 1. 4/12
  4. Read Chemistry 2. 4/13
  5. Read Chemistry 3. 4/14
  6. Read Othello p. 1-75.  4/12
  7. Read Othello p. 76-150. 4/13
  8. Read Othello p. 151-225. 4/14
  9. Read Othello p. 226-300.  4/15
  10. Othello Seminar Questions. 4/16
  11. Attend Core Ballet Class.  4/15
  12. Run timed mile.
  13. Doctor appointment. 4/12
  14. Food Prep for week.  4/16
  15. Clean Room 4/14
  16. Clean Kitchen 4/13
  17. Laundry 4/16
  18. Transpose poem stanza into movement.

Last week I started writing deadline dates for each task.  I hardly completed any of the tasks by my appointed dates, but I know that it kept those chores on my radar.  This week I have decided to take my dates a step further and color code them.  I like how the colors create a sense of visual order and also make my to-do-list look extra pretty!!!

What is on your to-do-list this week?  Comment below to share your plans.  We can cheer each other on!!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,


4 thoughts on “To-Do-List: 4/12-4/16

    1. School work is a good thing to focus on. Good luck on your exams! Do your best and then they will be done before you know it! I have weekly chemistry quizzes that I am nervous about. We got this!!!

      ❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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