The Wake-Up Call

Have you ever had a tickle in your throat that would make you cough?  The kind of cough that was hard to stop?  The kind of cough that would throw a fit at the most inopportune time and throw you out of the room?

Or that feeling that there’s something in your eye?  Maybe a speck of dust or a stye…  You flush your eye out until it’s red then you rest your pretty little head.  Hoping and dreaming that when morning comes that irritating speck will be a thing of the past and that irritating feeling just won’t last.

Recently I have had both the tickle in my throat and the speck in my eye.  Last night I was convinced that I needed to cry.

Stayed home from school and visited the eye doctor and got some eye drops.  It is time for me to pull out all the stops.  I have spent enough time letting myself go.  Now I need to better myself and thrive so I can grow.

Don’t ignore the tickles and the specks, small as they may seem.  Clean eating and exercise make a winning team!

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