Workout and Word of the Day: #5

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Out of the 4 months of this year, I have only worked out 5 times including to day.  And when I say “work out” I mean “working out for the sake of working out.”  Exercise outside of dance workshops and walks. I have been busy with school and life and […]

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To-Do-List: 4/12-4/16

First of all I would like to apologize for the fact that I have not been creating very creative and poetic blog posts, lately.  I have been so busy working on school work and increasing my productivity that I haven’t had a chance to grow my creative outlet.  For now I am fine with that […]

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To-Do-List 4/6 – 4/10/2017

It is week #1 of Spring quarter and I already feel myself getting overwhelmed.  That means that it is time for me to create my weekly to-do-list. This time around I am going to add some deadlines for myself and hopefully that will stop my procrastination. Here’s What I Gotta Do: Find a poem (to […]

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Power Clean

The world around me is moving so fast.  Changes are swiftly happening.  I have so much to do, but something is keeping me stuck and in a space where I want to sit in place and zone out… When life gets hectic, it is easy to get here and feel overwhelmed.  Right now the best […]

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