Please Don’t Quit Before You Even Begin

Have you ever wanted something then shrugged it off because you thought you were not smart enough?

A little spark enters your life and you get excited about the prospect of chasing your dreams, but then your mind becomes flooded with doubts and reasons why it probably won’t work out…

I’m not smart enough.  I was never good at math and science.  I’m too old.  It’s too late in the game.  It’s too expensive.  I have fallen too far behind.  I don’t have enough time.  What if I fail?  I tried, but it didn’t make sense so I decided to give up while I was ahead.  What if I try my hardest and it’s still not enough?  Maybe I am just meant to be big.  When I get stressed I cope with food.  It’s impossible.

Have any of these doubts ever entered your mind before?  They enter my mind way more than I would like to admit and  I find that they are paralyzing.  After I have agonized over my worries and my doubts all I want to do is sleep for hours or disappear.

This is how you know that these thoughts are toxic.  The right kinds of thoughts will inspire you to take action!!!  They bring out the best in you and make you feel vibrant and excited about learning and life.

I think that positivity and hope take practice.  If you are in the habit of doubting yourself and (I hate to admit it) making excuses, then that will be your “go-to.”  

Repetition creates habit and if you do something or believe in something enough then before you know it; it will begin to stick.  The same is true for all the good things in life.  If you make it a point to be strong in adversity and not give up at the first signs of struggle then your mind and heart will learn to be strong.  

You will persevere rather than give up.  You will face problems with the intent of finding solutions.  Your losses will begin to transform into wins.  Even the little baby wins are enough to start building your confidence.  You will be happy, energetic, and ready to live out loud!  Before you know it, your life will change all because You didn’t quit before you even began.

So let’s tackle this together.  We have one beautiful life to live and it is up to us to make it count and LIVE OUT LOUD.  Let’s transform those heavy, toxic, habits that rob us of our strength and start believing in ourselves.  Who’s with me?  I would love to have some companions for this journey!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana

19 thoughts on “Please Don’t Quit Before You Even Begin

    1. Hi Liza!
      Thank you for joining me! I can only imagine that these past few years have been challenging with your losses. I cannot imagine my life without my mother and especially not my cat, but I admire you so much for your strength.
      You do such great work that makes a beautiful difference in the world.

      ❤ Alana

  1. I’m with you, Alana!! I get those thoughts too and they definitely affect me in a big way if I don’t snap myself out of it. A lot of times I will watch a motivational video to get myself out of that negative spot and a lot of the time that’s all it takes to get me hyped up again lol Hope you’re doing well :))

    1. Hi Jess Thank you!
      I felt a lot better after writing that post… It almost felt like a confessional and since then I have been doing a lot better with my studying (thankfully)!!! I like your idea of watching motivational videos. I have started to gravitate towards those more and more. I feel like we are so lucky to have all of these wonderful resources at our fingertips. How did people ever do it before without computers? 🙂
      I hope you are doing well too. I always love how positive you are, Jess!!!

      ❤ Alana

  2. I’m all for this! BUT sometimes I let myself feel sad or negative (especially when I’m going through something) for a day or two just so I can fully get back on my feet. Do you ever do that? Or do you try to be 100% positive all the time?

    1. Hi Kat!
      Yes, I definitely do that too. I think it is healthy and ok to let ourselves feel our feelings even if they are sad or negative… or both.
      In the past I did try to be positive all the time, and it helped me get through some struggles, but it also made me numb… And after awhile I realized that I was acting artificially.
      I like that you take a couple of days to get back on your feet. That works really well.
      I had to right myself this post about not quitting because I had spent over a week in a downward spiral feeling discouraged and negative.
      I hope you are having some brighter days. I know you have been going through a lot, my dear friend.

      ❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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