Get Your $hit Together…

Yes, I still need to improve this facet of my life…. It is an ongoing work in progress, Ya’ll.

❤ Alana

Living Out Loud

If you want to get your $hit together; it would probably help to have less $hit.

1st of all I would like to say that I do not like to curse or swear on a regular basis.  For some reason a lot of people can identify with the concept of “get your $hit together.”  This concept has come up in my life pretty frequently in the past few years.  I guess it is something people try to do in their twenties as they figure things out.

I remember when I was 22 a friend of mine insisted on having me choose a tarot card (another thing I don’t really believe in) so that she could practice her readings.  She basically summed up my card by telling me to get it all together.

Yesterday evening my bf and I were talking about it and he said that he had to work…

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