Beauty In The World & the Ugly Side of Protests

My college campus has been full of complete madness…

I have managed to avoid the drama and not get caught up in it all, but it saddens me.  I did not realize that all of this was going on behind the scenes.

Over a month ago our campus had “Day of Absence and Day of Presence” in which they invite the campus community to participate in 2 full days of activities designed to address current issues surrounding race.  This has been an annual tradition since the 1970’s.  I remember receiving emails about it, but my life has been so hectic that I was just relieved to have a day off from classes.  I guess a group of minorities would mutually agree to conduct these activities off campus as a sign of solidarity.

From what I understand, this year the multicultural advising center said they wanted to reverse the tradition.  They sent out an email to faculty requesting that white students and faculty stay off of campus on these days and conduct class elsewhere so that people of color could feel safe on campus.  I do have to say that as a young minority woman that I have always felt safe and accepted on campus.

I was stunned to learn about all the protests that have been taking place on our campus… One of our science professors who is Jewish responded to an email saying that he didn’t think that requests like this should be made based on skin color and that it is a form of oppression.  These emails were publicized and I thought it was articulated logically.

Last week protesters were demanding and disrespectful while the professor tried to have a civil conversation.  The events escalated and the group marched upstairs to the College President’s office with a list of demands.  I personally do believe in justice and standing up for one’s beliefs, but I think that it ought to be done in an articulate, intelligent, and logical manner.  There has been talk of people feeling unsafe on campus because the protesters demanded that the President disarm the campus’s police force.  Race, oppression, and equality are very touchy subjects and I understand why, but I feel like this demonstration was over the top.

“I wish the world could be more kind, inclusive, and what’s a better word for colorblind?  That everyone could honor and respect each other for who they are and where they have come from.”

There is a big difference between freedom and being in control.  I feel that when people are forceful and feel the need to curse and belittle others then their minds and hearts are not in the right places.  How can you be peaceful when you are enraged?  Anger has a way of toying with our minds and we may say and do things that we do not mean in the heat of the moment.  I was not there, but the group of protesters resembled an angry mob.

I know that everybody may not agree with me and I am okay with that.

As a whole I am just so disappointed.  For one, I found out that I popped a ligament in my leg a few days ago, but that’s another story.  I am also disappointed because this morning campus was evacuated and closed due to a major threat.

Sometimes I feel like situations like these are divisive distractions that detract from more important issues.  Times like these divide people when we should be aiming for unification,compromise, and peace.

Tomorrow was supposed to be a beautiful occasion full of learning and broadening of horizons.  My school was hosting a science carnival in which students prepared presentations and scientific explorations for the public.  It was an event that would be free to the community and aimed at students in the k-12 grade level.  Many of my peers have been working tirelessly on their presentations with great anticipation.  This Science Carnival is a yearly tradition and known as the biggest one in our state.  Additionally at 3 pm tomorrow, our campus was holding a memorial in honor of our late Professor Kabby Mitchell.  My class was going to perform the dances that he had choreographed for us during his final months of life.

I am disappointed because all of this is cancelled due to the craziness that is taking place on our campus.  Campus is closed tomorrow until further notice and the Science Carnival and Kabby’s memorial has been cancelled.

I know that safety is the most important thing, but it is sad so many students have to miss out on these opportunities.

What is your view on protests and do you think there is such thing as a peaceful protest? How do you think situations like this should be handled and resolved?   Please comment below to share your thoughts.

Love, Joy, Peace, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo


4 thoughts on “Beauty In The World & the Ugly Side of Protests

  1. Hi Alana.. How’s your leg feeling? 😦

    Anyway, I think it’s really sad. People nowadays are so easily offended and they are very demanding. Hate is everywhere, and I wish we could have more love and understanding around us. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

    I do believe there is such a thing as a peaceful protest, maybe disagreeing in a diplomatic way. Presenting your ideas or point of views with respect and dignity, not with violence or anger.

    I hope you are safe where you are and that things get better at your school.

    1. Hi Liz,

      I can tell that my leg is slowly healing. Thank you for asking. This injury was definitely a wake up call for me. I had been a little inconsistent with workouts and overall fitness because I was so stressed and stuck in my head. It is true that being healthier and well-conditioned helps with injury prevention so I am going to start working on that.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on a peaceful protest. I agree with you too. There has to be a sense of respect and the ability to agree to disagree at times. I also think that using words without shouting or raising voices might also be helpful, but it is challenging to do in moments of passion especially when people get defensive.

      I thankfully live off campus, but I am keeping my peers who do live on campus in my thoughts and prayers.

      Thank you for your kind words and insights and have a lovely day! This world needs more people like you!

      ❤ Alana

  2. Such a touchy subject! I believe people protest out of passion, and that can very easily slip the whole show into chaos. And on subjects like race, inequality, etc… Part of that passion to protest stems from a feeling of not being heard or being dismissed as unimportant or undeserving. Those feelings are genuine and legitimate. The energy of a group of people with those feelings is so loaded and heavy, even explosive. I believe this is why protests should be well organized with set goals and limits for that particular mission. Ensure you are heard, yes, but also ensure people hear what it is you’re actually saying.

    1. Hello My Friend!
      I agree. Every person deserves a place where they can feel respected, honored, and heard. I do admire people who have the courage to stand up for what they believe in and it is very sad that our society has made it seem almost acceptable for people to be dismissed and feel unimportant, unworthy, and undeserving. It is so difficult to feel healthy and the joy of freedom in that state.
      You’re right, organization, healthy boundaries and working for a common goal are all important in protests.
      Thank you for sharing your insights.

      ❤ Alana

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