It Is Time For Some Peppermint Tea and Reflection…

A cup of peppermint tea makes everything just right and with it in hand I know that everything will be alright.


Gossip, stress, worries, and worrying about what people think holds me down and I internalize it and carry it on my body and in my soul.  Hence, all the extra weight.

It is time for me to let it go…

Let it go!

I need to stop waiting for the “perfect time” or the right amount of motivations because the “perfect time” and the right amount of motivation may never arrive and in the meantime, my life is passing by.


Put your energy and your talents into bettering yourself rather than comparing yourself or thinking that you need to be more like someone else.


The negatives offer a different perspective and can help you develop character, but don’t let the negatives rule your life.


Don’t waste any more time bringing others down with your worries and insecurities.  Instead, Take Action and get busy making your dreams come true!!!


3 thoughts on “It Is Time For Some Peppermint Tea and Reflection…

    1. Thanks Kate! I’m happy to hear that. I needed to inject a nice dose of positivity into my day, hence the peppermint tea, of course!
      Have a wonderful week!

      ❤ Alana

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