Be a Comeback Kid


comeback kid- noun

  1. A person who overcomes a fall from grace or popularity; a person who makes an unlikely comeback

When did I lose my Cool?

Was it when I gave up coaching swim team to focus on school?

Of maybe it was when I started wearing glasses with the wrong prescription or the pair that never quite fit right.

Was it when I gave up Facebook, Insta, and Social Media?…  No, it wasn’t that.  That was probably the best decision I could have made.

I bet it was when I started eating Chocolate Chip Cookies For Breakfast.  That will take a toll on the waistline.

I think it was when I started getting in my own way and spent more time dwelling on my doubts rather than looking for sunshine.

I think it is because I still find myself “Walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.”

I know it was because when I turned 28 I started surrendering to growing old.  Walking around as if the best years of my life had passed.

I started a relationship with Netflix and snacks that would help the time pass…

Things were going downhill from there.  I became lazy and started to worry that I would not be able to find a job as good as my past jobs.

Last week, my injury was my wake-up call

Yes, I might have stopped wearing eye makeup all together a month ago after I got pinkeye (just as a precaution) and I might be one of the older students in my class, but from this day forward I declare that MY BEST DAYS HAVE NOT PASSED!!!

I have a 7:45 am physical therapy appointment tomorrow morning.  I even braided my hair and put some lip gloss on today.  I am done waiting for the motivation and for the time to “be right” and I am ready to make $hit happen!!!

Who’s ready to make a comeback with me?!?!


“I’m just focused on what I’m gettin’
I ain’t worried about what I don’t got”

❤ Alana xoxoxo

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