I Know You I Walked With You Once Upon A Dream…

I know you I walked with you Once Upon A Dream…


I know you the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam…


And I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem.  


But if I know you I know what you’ll do, you’ll love me at once the way you did once upon a dream…

Yesterday my class had a rehearsal at that same ballroom for the memorial and it brought me back in time…  I even saw them in a dream and it felt so real.

That whole night was magical along with the preparations that took place months before.  We were running a charity event that supported services and resources for at-risk youth and survivors of sexual assault and abuse.  These were all causes that were so close to my heart.

I painted my Metamorphosis painting specifically for the event and the organization used my art to create posters and handbills for the event.  The board and I (treasurer at the time) worked tirelessly around the clock organizing this event and encouraging people in the community to come.

I was so honored when they asked me to give a speech sharing my story.  When the night finally arrived, I was surrounded by the people who meant the most to me.  I walked up there in red-bottom 5 inch heels and shared my story.  Then we danced the night away.  My friends and I, to live blues music.  It was the first night that I ever danced on a dance-floor outside of family weddings…  That magical night was Everything that I hoped it would be and so much more <3.

It is amazing how a place can bring back so many memories.  Memories that even appear in our dreams.  I am definitely nostalgic.  In the past, I would have spent too much time dwelling and longing for the past, but today I am seeing these memories as closure.  And the gateway to creating many more beautiful memories.  

I am still that free-spirited young woman who wanted to desperately make a difference in the world and stand up for what she believed in ❤ .

8 thoughts on “I Know You I Walked With You Once Upon A Dream…

    1. Thank you. It was definitely a good time and a good dream of a reunion with my former best friend and first love. At first it was a mutual break-up because he was moving abroad and I didn’t want to hold him back, but then he turned around and made it feel like he broke up with me. It was 5 years ago and I was devastated at the time. It took me a long time to get over and I have been over it for years, but I guess the dream and memories stirred up some sadness. I am going to keep moving forward. I am with the love of my life and we have done so many amazing things together. Thanks again ❤

      1. It is tough to get closure when it comes to such memories and moments. But you did say you are with someone whom you love and that is the one thing that matters. Holding onto that wonderful thought 🙂 x

      2. Yes, that is so true. I had a friend who said something that has stuck with me through the years and sometimes I forget about it… “Don’t let your worries from the past, eclipse the gifts of the future.”
        I really appreciate your kind words and insights! Xoxoxo.

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