Watch Your Garden Grow!

Living Out Loud

You need to plant seeds if you plan on growing a garden!

Sometimes the wind blow and the rain will fall and your seeds may fall and land upside down on the ground.  Don’t let that stop you.  Scoop up your seeds, add a few new ones, and replant your garden!  You will be surprised by how resilient the will to live is.  Just don’t give up!!!

Reuse and recycle.  Use less and if you do decide to get that iced coffee, repurpose your coffee cups!!!

Tend to your seeds and provide water, light, and care.  Before long, you will have a beautiful garden!!!

I am very happy with our garden so far and am amazed especially since every one of my plants were grown from seed!  

Now I want to apply those same gardening principles to my life.  I will plant some seeds.  Give them care, love, and…

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